Rachel Hogan, Ape Action Africa's Director, is flying to London from Cameroon to talk about her heart-wrenching work with endangered gorillas and chimpanzees. Join Ape Action Africa for a great evening - you will be greeted with a drinks reception on arrival, followed by Rachel's presentation, a charity auction and an opportunity to meet Rachel during the evening.

  • Date: 14h October
  • Rachel Hogan, Director, Ape Action Africa
  • Location: Royal Geographical Society, London

She gives a voice to the magnificent animals she knows so well after working for 10 years by volunteering in Cameroon, rescuing great apes from the illegal bushmeat and pet trades. Every ticket means that we can buy 5 days' milk for Mac and Ayisha, two very young, orphaned chimpanzees who have been rescued recently. And you will have an enjoyable evening in London!

Tickets are £25 and are available on www.apeactionafrica.org. You can also make a donation at any time.


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