The point is they make passengers pay the lowest fares possible. Airlines of this nature make profits by charging people for services that go beyond traveling from point A to point B. Some demand that you pay for carry-on items and others even place a price tag for baggage checking. 

The following information is a summary of leading low-cost airlines, these policies change constantly so remember to read the new terms on their website and remember to always pack light to avoid paying extra money that you can use later to enjoy on your trip. 


1. Air Berlin

United airlines has expensive baggage fees and only allows one free carry-on, unlike Air Berlin with very complex baggage fees.

Air Berlin has four fee structures and each varies by travel zone and class type chosen. They only permit a single carry-on item and that item should not weigh more than 6kg unless it's your laptop.

Passengers traveling economy class on medium short-haul flights can carry a piece of baggage weighing about 20kg each. While business class travelers may carry baggage weighing 30 kg max. On long flights, economy travelers can check a single free pack up to 23kg.

Passengers in the business class can check two bags each with a weight of up to 32kg. If an Air Berlin passenger exceeds the capped weight they are liable to pay a fee between €100-€450.


2. Allegiant

Passengers from Allegiant are allowed to carry one large carry-on bag (suitable to fit into an overhead compartment) and one small bag that can fit beneath a seat.

The price you pay for checked bags depends on the route you have chosen. You have the option to pay online at a discounted rate when you book. 

Just keep in mind the following policy on baggage price:

The quotes are associated with personal flying segments. The term segment is indicative of one landing and a single take-off. That said you’ll need to triple check the relevant baggage cost for a round-pass and for stopovers you may take amidst the airline's itinerary.


3. Easyjet

EasyJet permits travelers to have one bag of carry-on baggage that must not go beyond 55x40x20cm. All checked packs will incur a cost.

All passengers are given a weight allocation of 20 kg. If you pay the fee when you book the chances of qualifying for a half-price cut are high. For example, you’ll pay €52 at the airport and only €26 online.

Quite simply, paying online is much cheaper than making a payment at the airport, it's also more convenient and hassle-free. 


4. Gol

This airline grants all fully grown (adults) passengers permission to check two luggage pieces weighing a maximum of 23kg without placing an extra charge.

If you exceed the limit by a kilogram, you have to pay five percent of the standard economy class fare. Gol’s policy indicates that baggage with too much weight should be treated as cargo, this means it can be shipped on a different flight. 


5. JetBlue

JetBlue travelers have permission to carry one carry-on bag that has to be placed in an overhead section. The initially checked parcel is $20 when you pay online or at a kiosk; if you decide to pay at a ticket counter you will pay $25. All passengers with more than one checked parcel is charged a fee of $35, the third and fourth cases will incur a fee of $100 each.


6. Ryanair

This airline has a long menu with baggage costs that are payable by euro or British pounds. Ryanair permits passengers to have a single carry-on bag with a weight of 10kg max. Checked bag prices differ based on the time travelers decide to pay. The cost implications are a lot higher during June -September and later in December to mid-January as these are busy travel periods.


7. Southwest Airlines

This airline gives an allowance of two checked bags for every customer free of charge. This is a key method driving their marketing action plan. Many globe trotters know this “bags fly free” policy. Although this is a striking benefit, the airline does have baggage fees. The only difference is that passengers begin paying for your third bag that is checked at $75 per bag, one a single trip. 


8. Spirit Air

Spirit Air permits passengers to carry one personal item at no additional cost, however, the item must be able to fit the seat that will be in front of the passenger.

If for example, the traveller has a bag that can only fit on the overhead bin then he/she will be charged $45 to $55 for each bag, depending on where and when they make their your Tavel arrangements.

This brand does not freely give checked luggage, it charges a fee online for the initial piece. The prices can be much higher if you pay at the airport versus if you pay online. 


9. Virgin Australia

For this airline, each bag must not exceed 23kg and must not have a linear dimension longer than 140cm. If there is an additional length, width, and depth, you all have to pay a charge of $10 per kilogram.


10. Westjet

Last but not least, Westjet airlines permit one carry-on per person. If the item is under 10kg then there is no applicable charge. If it is over 10 kg, one checked bag will cost you $30, the next one will be $42CAD. Additional pieces that are more than two will incur a cost of $118. 


Only two extra pieces are acceptable based on if space is available, this condition though only applies to a tariff-paying guest. If the bag is oversize and also over the maximum weight, you will be charged an excess fee of $50. But strictly no bag greater than 100Ibs will be permitted. 

Surplus parcels need to be processed early, not longer than an hour before the flight takes off.