However, for those that haven’t used the service before, it raises a lot of questions. What exactly is so different about them? And why would I choose one over a hotel?

Well, in this article, we are going to discuss the different pros and cons between these two options, so that you can decide what’s best for you on your travels.

Let’s get started!




While certain hotels might be in limited supply, there are usually endless options of Airbnb’s to choose. From small rooms for backpackers to full houses that can fit up to 12 people. It generally works out to be much more affordable, especially if you are staying in a large group.

There are also so many incredible options that can make your stay much more enjoyable. From treehouses and cabins to The Great Escape Parkside that is inspired by board games! There really is something for everyone.

On top of this, it can be much more relaxing than a busy hotel environment. You have your own space, which usually includes your own kitchen, and you don’t need to stress about hearing those in the room right next door to you. Everybody can spread out, unwind, and take the opportunity to really make yourself at home. You really get the chance to experience the location as a local and see a side of things that you never thought were possible.


Airbnb isn’t exactly a regulated website, which means there is a possibility of scammers and untrustworthy individuals. While it is possible to read reviews and look for ‘super hosts,’ you are never going to get that feeling of security that you may feel in a hotel. Alongside this, if you do wish to report a problem, it can take a long time to actually get a reply from the company. Some individuals may even cancel your reservation altogether. While they do get penalized for this, it can land you in a tricky situation, especially if it’s a busy weekend, and there are no other availabilities.

While it is possible to stay one night in some Airbnb’s, a lot of them have requirements, including a minimum number of days. This can make it challenging to find somewhere for the weekend, especially if you’re only in town for a few days. Hotels, on the other hand, are much more flexible, usually with availabilities right up to the day.




One of the main benefits of hotels is that they generally provide all the amenities you need, such as these hotel bathroom supplies. Unlike Airbnb’s, which may require you to bring your own sheets, bedding, and toiletries. It offers much more convenience, and if something isn’t right, reception is only a phone call away.

Alongside this, most hotels are in better locations for tourists looking to see the area. You can get a great room with a view of the city, close to attractions, restaurants, and shops nearby. This can save money on transport as you can easily walk or take advantage of public transportation.

Another great advantage is this type of accommodation is that they are also equipped with a variety of different facilities. A playground, pool, gym, and games room are a perfect way to keep the kids entertained and unwind after a busy day of sight-seeing.


When it comes to hotels, it can sometimes be more expensive, and it’s always possible that the room isn’t going to be up to standard. If you’ve seen Gordan Ramsay on Hotel Hell with his blacklight, then you should know how disgusting some places can be. While you can read reviews before booking, it’s sometimes easy to forget when you’re just booking a room for one night.

Another disadvantage of hotels is that they are always going to be busy. You’re going to hear people in the corridor, have to wait for the elevator, and may even have people knocking on your door. While some individuals don’t mind this, it can be frustrating for introverts who want peace and quiet.

And that’s it! When comparing the two different options together, it certainly is interesting to see the various advantages and disadvantages. However, at the end of the day, it ultimately depends on what you prefer. While Airbnb offers a quieter and more authentic experience, hotels are more secure and reliable.


What do you think? Are you team Airbnb or team hotel?