The enchanting city surrounded by impressive medieval walls and set along the sparkling Adriatic Sea which has inspired artists, writers and poets for centuries continues to delight visitors today.

As a source for travelers, explorers and boating enthusiasts seeking a unique holiday, Dubrovnik is the ultimate destination. 

Here are just five reasons to visit the “Pearl of the Adriatic”.


1. Natural Beauty

If not for the fantastic history and rich culture of Dubrovnik, you should make the journey to Dubrovnik for its breathtaking beauty.

The wonderfully well-preserved Medieval walls and splendid, churches, squares and fountains dating from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras will surely sweep you off your feet.

Among some of the most spectacular sites to discover are the Dubrovnik Cathedral, the Square of the Loggia, the Rector’s Palace and the Fort of St. John.

You can also admire the city and its characteristic terracotta-colored rooftops from above by taking a walk around the old city walls or by catching a ride on the cable car near Mount Srd. 


2. Beaches

Croatia Beach

One of the main attractions of Croatia as a holiday destination are the fantastic beaches that border the stunningly crystal clear sea.

The surrounding area of Croatia offers many great spots for taking in the warm Mediterranean sun and immersing yourself in unspoiled nature.

You can see some of the best beaches in Europe and bays close to the Old City are Banja Beach, Sv. Jakov Beach, Dance Beach and Copacabana Beach (not to be confused with the infamous beach in Brazil).


3. Island Hopping

Croatia Island Hopping

Dubrovnik is also one of the best starting points for an island hopping adventure through some of Dalmatia’s gorgeous islands.

Located just off the coast of Dubrovnik are the Elaphite Islands, a wonderful archipelago made up of several reefs and rocks, eight islands and five islets.

Get ready to be awetruck by the natural beauty, they even rival the world famous Greek islands.

The best way to explore the islands is to rent your own private boat. Anchor in the lovely islands of Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan and be sure to explore some of the tranquil uninhabited islands.

For an extended journey, head to the islands of Korcula and Mljet, which are famed for their natural beauty and rich cultural traditions.

Search our Croatia tours for trips, we recommend itineraries with at least 4 days in Dubrovnik.


4. Cuisine

Croatia Cuisine

Croatia is a must for every foodie and wine enthusiast.

The sun-kissed nation is gifted with an abundance of tasty offerings from the sea, suitable soil for wine and olive oil production and northern winds that enhance cured meats and cheeses.

Croatia’s deep-rooted gastronomic traditions and influence from nearby countries in the Mediterranean can be found in specialty dishes throughout Croatia.

Start your meal off with some traditional Dalmatian ham (pršut) and cheeses (sir) accompanied by a glass of local wine. 


5. Festivals

Dubrovnik offers both locals and visitors a wide range of cultural events each year.

Whether you’re a lover of classical music or wanting to celebrate some of Croatia’s jams and marmalades, there is a festival for you in this great city. Several European tour operators offer festival trips if these appeal to you.

The biggest highlight of the year is, of course, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival which is in its sixth decade of festivity. Enjoy over six weeks of theater and music in one of the world’s most beautiful settings.

The Summer Festival aims to keep the city’s cultural traditions in music, theatre and literature alive and contemporary.

Among some of Dubrovnik’s other unique festivals are the Maraton Ladja, an incredible race of traditional row boats that were specifically designed to navigate the narrow river north of the city, the Dubrovnik Festiwine for wine lovers and DUFF, the Dubrovnik Film Festival for Children and the Youth of Mediterranean Countries.


Plan a Trip to Dubrovnik

Whether you are looking for a city break, a dream holiday, or want to work in Croatia, you really need to go to Dubrovnik. If you would like to see more of the country view our tips for exploring the Plitvice Lakes National.