Yoga Retreats & Holidays in India

Yoga Retreats & Holidays in India

India is a land with abundant natural remedies and the possibilities to connect with a cosmic universe. India is a nation, rich in culture and tradition. The very dynamic of this country lies in age old traditions and norms that are catching rage across continents today. Ayurveda and Yoga being right on top. 


Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Retreats & Holidays in India

Search yoga, pilates, meditation & wellness breaks in India.

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In India, you will find many health and yoga centres that focus on naturopathy (using natural techniques to eliminate toxins and re-juvenate the body and soul). The body mind and soul is cleansed and a direct benefit from that could be seen in the physical self. A 5-30 day program at a good centre would show sufficient results to feel good. All one needs is a need to arise from the rigmarole of daily life and have the desire to dwell into the “self”. Magical India will captivate the travelers into its fold and they will definitely have a memory of a lifetime.

Anyone seeking yoga as a tool to good health must visit India and get initiated into the realm of this ancient scientific methodology. Yoga teaches you to live in divine harmony, This when combined with Ayurveda which supports as medicines to ward off diseases without the use of chemicals acts as a brilliant combination. Only India can offer that. 


Popular Places to Book a Yoga Retreat in India

  • Goa
  • Rishikesh
  • Uttarakhand
  • Kerala
  • Canacona
  • Lakshman Jhula


Top Rated Wellness Vacation Destinations in India

  • Kerala:  Ayurveda Yoga Villa , Ayra Vaidya Sala Kottakal , Kairali Ayurvedic Resot
  • Himalayas: Ananda Resort  & Spa
  • Bangalore: Jindal Health Farms

There are various yoga retreats, and it really comes down to personal experience as to which location and centre you would like to book with. You could choose the calm foothills of the Himalayas, experience the entire process beside the lush greenery of Kerala or head to the beach iin Goa. Any other location can be chosen independently and yoga and its allied treatments could be infused into a plan and this can be converted into a wellness vacation.


Top Tips

  • Book in advance as spaces can fill up quick especially during times like summer
  • Be open minded to a new culture, food and people
  • Ensure you travel light while on wellness vacations. Just a couple of exercise clothing and good walking shoes will suffice.


India Yoga Retreat Reviews & Experiences

"One such Wellness Retreat that I organized was in Kerala.  I chose Kerala as the state is also famous for Ayurveda. We were a group of 10 who undertook a three day yoga-vacation at this fabulous property called The Raviz, Kollam. Our Yoga instructor travelled with us from Chennai to Kollam and was with us all through. I had organized various activities such as Meditation, visit to the Ayurvedic Garden, Bamboo Rafting, Chanting, Spa treatments etc besides 3 hour split yoga schedule each day. The experience was exhilarating and most of the members were enamored by the results and the positivity that they felt within that they have now taken up Yoga and Ayurveda for life." - Ashu Lodha


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