Wildlife Volunteer Holidays and Tours

Find wildlife volunteer holidays abroad with One World 365. If you are passionate about animals and wildlife then we offer trips where you can join tours, safaris or actually help by volunteering. If you are passionate about wildlife view all of our wildlife holidays and wildlife volunteer projects around the world. On wildlife volunteer holidays you might be helping educational tasks and research getting involved with conservation activities like working within local communities teaching about wildlife and the need to help them. A lot of wildlife around the world face increasing dangers from poachers and their natural habitats being destroyed and you can travel abroad and try to help. Search our wide range of wildlife conservation holidays today.

There are an incredible selection of wildlife tours abroad. Most tour companies offer small group adventure trips to the heart of the animal kingdom where you can observe animals in a relaxed environment. If you travel to North America you could go on a dog-sled trip in Alaska and Canada. African overland safaris are a great way to get close to wildlife. Kruger National Park tours are popular as you have the opportunity to see the famous big five wild animals including lions and tigers. In Rwanda and Uganda you can take an adventue trek to see the famous mountain gorillas. Im Mozambique you can take a marine tour and see humpback whales. In Asia you could visit turtle conservation projects in Sri Lanka and see tigers in India. On a South East Asia gap year you could go on an elephant safari, or see monkeys and gibbons in conservation forests in Laos. Malaysia is brimming with wildlife, a lot of which is unique to this part of Asia. In Sabbah, Borneo a trip to the Sepilok orangutan centre is a wonderful experience. On viewing platforms you can observe orang utans and probosics monkeys whilst walking along canopy through the rainforest. 


Wildlife Tours Abroad