Volunteer in Dubai

Volunteer in Dubai

Dubai is a world class destination and also a very wealthy country but there are also lots of community volunteering opportunities perfect if you would like to do something rewarding. If the idea of doing some charity work then be more than just a tourist then volunteering in Dubai is a great option. 


Volunteering Programs in Dubai

A Guide to Volunteering in Dubai

Dubai is home to beautiful beaches and along with its landscaping, diving and diversity, catering for all ages, it will certainly be a trip that you will never forget. When participating you will get enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dubia and the surrounding area. Therefore, if one of your goals is to enjoy the country that you wish to volunteer in, then Dubai would be your best bet!

Your holiday, career break, gap year or retirement break will be one to remember when teamed up with volunteering and holidaying whilst in Dubai. Programs are open to locals, tourists, expats and anyone wanting to make a difference. There are short and long term opportunities available all year round. You can also get involved with local charity events run by volunteer organisations, charities and NGOs.


Top Reasons to Volunteer in Dubai

  • Meet local people
  • Make a difference
  • Do something worthwhile
  • Escape the tourist resorts
  • Create memories


How You Can Help

People are needed to volunteer with:

  • Animals
  • Charities
  • Children, education and sports
  • Community projects
  • Office support, admin and IT
  • Events


How to Apply

You can search featured organisations and send any enquiry today. If you are interested in volunteering abroad but not sure about Dubai you might like to check out our other volunteer opportunities in the Middle East.



Have you ever volunteered in Dubai and would like to share your experience, recommend an organisation or write a review please get in touch with us.


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