Volunteer in Medellin

Volunteer in Medellin

Medellin has a turbulent history. It was infamous for being home to Pablo Escobar & Colombian drug cartels while it has made an impressive comeback as a city, sadly, the media has yet to catch up on modern Medellin. In fact, Medellin is now considered one of the safest cities in Latin America.


Volunteering Programs in Medellin

How to Volunteer in Medellin

Volunteering in South America is a wonderful experience. Through volunteering, you can experience other countries and cultures in a way that just isn’t possible as a traveler. Working with other volunteers and locals will give you a unique perspective that simply isn’t available to regular travelers. Not only that, but you also get the satisfaction that comes with giving something back to the community you visit.

Medellin is Colombia’s second city and a place that is positively overflowing with things to see and do. The city is rich in history and culture and, after the capital Bogota, is the second largest urban and metropolitan area in Columbia. More than three million people call Medellin home and there is no shortage of opportunities for volunteers to take advantage of.

This brief guide provides an introduction to the city and the volunteering opportunities it offers. If you are considering volunteer work but can’t decide where to go, Medellin is well worth a look.


The City

Before you think about volunteering anywhere, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the local history and culture. Located at the base of the Adurra Valley, Medellin offers some spectacular views. The city is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and breathtaking landscapes while the city itself is vibrant and full of color and life.

Medellin was once notorious as the center of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel. For several years at the height of Escobar’s power, the city had the highest homicide rate in the world. However, things have improved significantly since then. in fact, Medellin is now one of the most desirable destinations in all of South America.


Weather in Medellin

Medellin is sometimes referred to as ‘Cuidad de la Eterna Primavera’. In English, this translates as ‘The City of Eternal Spring’. Medellin’s unique geography means that the weather stays more or less the same throughout the year as if the whole city were perpetually trapped in the springtime. Average daily temperatures range from 63 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If you venture outside of the city to explore the surrounding valley, you will find that the temperature is notably colder than in the city itself.


Local Language

Like all of South America, other than Brazil, Spanish is the official language of Columbia and you will have a much easier time in Medellin if you are able to speak at least some Spanish. As Medellin has become more popular as a tourist destination, rates of English fluency have also increased. However, it is still worth taking the time beforehand to brush up on your Spanish.

You could even enroll in a Spanish language course while you are in Medellin. For example, check out BaseLang’s Spanish school in Medellin. You can learn Spanish from one of their teachers while you are in the city. This will also provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers.


Volunteering Opportunities

If you are keen to volunteer in Colombia, Medellin is a great city to choose to help.

The volunteering scene in Medellin is relatively new and is still in the early stages of development. However, there are still opportunities abound for those who seek them out. For example, Angeles de Medellin is a group who operate high in the mountains surrounding the city. They aim to provide whatever assistance the displaced community needs, whether it is education, medical care, dental care or anything else they need.

You can volunteer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on your precise circumstances. Some organizations ask for a small donation from any volunteers. These donations go towards volunteer upkeep, as well as the people they help, of course.

Medellin is a beautiful, vibrant and unique city. Anyone looking for fulfilling volunteer work should seriously consider the options available in and around Medellin. Make sure that you carefully research beforehand so you know what to expect, but very few who decide to volunteer in Medellin regret it.



As a responsible travel directory, if we couldn’t ensure a reasonable level of safety, we wouldn’t be promoting trips in Medellin if we didn't think it was safe. This city is now one of the safest places in Colombia.



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Weather & Best Time to Apply

Medellin has a cool tropical climate that seems spring-like year round. Average high temperature: 27.8 degrees celsius or 82 degrees fahrenheit. Average low temperature: 16.1 degrees celsius or 61 degrees fahrenheit.