Vanuatu Travel Guide

Vanuatu Travel Guide

Get ideas, inspiration and essential information about visiting Vanuatu.

  • Capital: Port-Vila
  • Currency: Vatu (VUV)
  • Size: 12,200 km2
  • Population: 196,178 (July 2002 est.)
  • Language: English, French, creole (known as Bislama or Bichelama) official; plus 100+ local languages


Top Reasons to Visit Vanuatu 

  • An undiscovered paradise
  • A lot less touristy than other islands in the region
  • Vanuatu relies heavily on tourism which boosts the local economy and helps employ local people
  • So many sightseeing and watersports available
  • Great value for money 


How to Get to Vanuatu

The easiest way to get to Vanuatu is on a direct flight from Australia or Singapore. International flights arrive into Bauerfield International Airport is an airport in Port Vila, Vanuatu. Return flights from Australia can vary in price but are generally around UA$500 - AU$750 from Brisbane and Sydney.


Weather & Best Time to Visit

Vanuatu is an all year round destination but the most popular and one of the best times to visit is from around May - September. This is when there is a warm climate but not too hot and also less rainfall which makes sightseeing and activities more pleasant.


Best Things to See & Do in Vanuatu

Vanuatu Tours

Here are some of the top attractions and places you should try to visit in Vanuatu:

  • Go shopping in Port Vila
  • Visit the secret garden
  • Go island hopping
  • See the Mele Cascades waterfalls
  • Go in search of the best beach
  • Snorkelling off the beautiful Lelepa island 
  • Trek to devils cave
  • Experience the thrills of the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline 
  • Get off the beaten track by visiting Mystery Island
  • Go diving, there are so many top rated locations like the Hideaway Island Marine Reserve
  • Watersports
  • Northeast of Efate you can soak in thermal hotspings


Vanuatu Travel Tips

Avoid the large resorts and book a hotel instead - you will save a lot of money. You will struggle to find any hostels in the country but there are lots of budget hotels most of which have wifi. Expect to pay around 5000 VUV for a standard double room per night.

Getting Around
If you be independent you can get to see some of the best sights in the country without paying extra for a guided tour by using public transport. For example a bus to the Cascades costs around 500 VUV which is cheaper than an organised trip.

Try to exchange money in advance before departing for Vanuatu. Or if you need to exchange when in the country do it in Port Vila as this is where it is cheaper than in other areas of Vanuatu.

You can hire kayaks for a couple of hours for around 2000 VUV whilst entrance to the spectacular Cascades waterfalls costs 2,500 VUV. Other activities like dive packages can vary in price depending on your choice.

Free Things to Do
There are lots of free things you can do when visiting Vanuatu for example sunbathing and going in search of the best beaches.

Suggested Daily Budget
You can get by with around GBP £30 (AU$60 / US$50) per day with includes basic accommodation, eating out and some activities. 


Volunteer in Vanuatu

Volunteer in Vanuatu

Due to the local of Vanuatu this is a popular destination with volunteers from Australia and New Zealand but Nationalities from all around the world are welcome to apply. No specific visa is needed to participate and you can get a tourist visa on arrival. This may be a spectacular location to volunteer but where you might be placed can be basic, for example no electricity, hot water, internet or tv. You will never be too far from a beach though and the waters and setting will make Vanuatu appealing. 


Community Development Programs

Due to the way the country is spread out over lots of islands it can be difficult for people to gain healthcare and educational services. There are programs where you can work to help children and adults throughout the country, placements can be joined in the capital Port Vila and other islands. Some community volunteer tasks can involve promoting awareness campaigns around sexual health and HIV / Aids. There are also educational and teaching programs where you can work to help children who can't afford to attend formal school. These placements can be fun but challenging.


Conservation & Wildlife Programs

The most popular volunteer programs include working with marine life like sea turtles, if you use our advanced search you can find local NGO's and volunteer organisations who offer projects throughout the year. These islands are a real unspoiled paradise and you can do something rewarding by helping conserve turtles when they lay their eggs on beaches with beach patrols.


Where You'll Stay

Accommodation is usually provided in the form of shared housing but local homestays are available here too which are highly recommend for a full cultural immersion.



You will be responsible for travel costs getting to Vanuatu and you might also need to pay a fee/donation to participate. This can vary depending on the organisation / program.