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Edinburgh travel and tours

Cobbled stone streets and ancient stonewalls dot the city landscape of Edinburgh. As you look up to the sky the clouds pass at incredibly high speed.  If you are lucky, a ray of sun will breach the cloud line and will shine itself upon the jaw-dropping Edinburgh scenery, which is vibrantly green.

Grey tones are brushed across the skyline as the weather in this city is ever changing.  Some say that the highlands of Scotland are home to some of the most extreme weather changes for outdoor pursuits, leaving the casual hill walker stranded in moments of sleet, rain, sunshine, snow and hurricane force wind.  Jutting above the city line is the stoic hill and crags of Arthur’s Seat, formed by an extinct volcano over 350 million years ago and eroded through glaciation.  

Reaching the top of this breath-taking hill, one gets a view of the entire city, the expansive coastline, and distant hills of Scotland.  Home to many beautifully kept green spaces, Edinburgh is a dream for those wishing to take a hike, enjoy an adventure and then jot over to the nearest pub for a pint, or a glass of water.

Edinburgh’s farmer’s markets nestled aside the castle and the great water of Leith set the tone for lackadaisical mornings with artisan coffee in your hand.  Breathing in the cool air while strolling down the canal which stretches out to the corners of the city, you can find yourself lost in moments watching people pass you by or through listening to music on your headphones.  

If you wander down through the cherry blossom tree lined meadows, you can see barbeques blazing, people playing football and cricket, and couples embracing as the sun creates drastic shadows across the grasses.  That is if it is sunny though, if it is cold out you can make your way to the most amazing café’s around the meadows.  From Artisan Roast to Forest Café, you can find yourself in the atmosphere of great coffee, sweet people, the occasional music jam session and an incredibly relaxed community atmosphere.  

The myth that all Scottish food is fried and containing haggis could not be more false in this ancient city.  Henderson’s café and bistro is home to the most delicious vegetarian and vegan cuisine.  Their food reigns in meat eaters and veggies alike, drawn to live music and cosy seating while eating the newest creation from the chef.  All organic, all local, all fresh, this café will blow your socks off.  The slow food, organic movement in Edinburgh is growing at a fast pace and you can find many busy city dwellers walking speedily to their afternoon hot vinyasa yoga class at Hot Yoga Edinburgh or carrying bags of fresh produce in reusable canvas bags.  

Whether you are visiting this city for its beautiful mythical history or looking to wander the streets in search of live music and good whiskey, Edinburgh is the place to be.  With your street map in hand, this city lends itself to your own creation of an unforgettable experience.