Mauritius Travel Guide

Mauritius Travel Guide

At a glance:

  • Capital: Port Louis
  • Currency: Mauritian Rupee (MUR)
  • Population: 1,230,602 (approx)
  • Language: English + Mauritian Creole + French + local languages
  • Dailing Code: +230
  • Country Size: 2,040 km2


Travel to Mauritius

Mauritius may be the sun lover’s dream destination but there is a lot more to this 788 sq km island than just stunning beaches.

Mauritius is home to 1.3 million people, boasting a cultural mix of Africans, Europeans and Asians with Mauritian Creoles accounting for almost a third of the population. The island was first claimed by the Dutch in 1598, then by the French in 1715 and finally by the British in 1810. Now a republic, culturally-diverse Mauritius offers plenty of opportunities to experience its popular attractions - especially on one of our feature small group holidays.

Mauritius is a pristine world that travellers will fall in love with and have memories to never forget and there’s fun in store for the everyone at one of the islands many resorts, many people choose an all-inclusive holiday package which paves the way for a worry-free vacation. Families will be free to enjoy the fantastic scenery around them while residing in luxury, where fun activities abound and the food is delectable and fresh.

Activities like golf, snorkelling and touring the sea in a glass-bottomed boat, are a just part of the resort experience which make this destination so popular. Moreover, accommodations are sumptuous and the service is world class. Travellers will find a wealth of wonderful activities within the Island's resorts - many with activities designed especially for children. On the other hand, getting out into the island is also enjoyable for everyone. You will never forget their glimpses of volcanoes, waterfalls, and lush tropical valleys.


Top Things to Do in Mauritius


Visit Port Louis

You will be delighted when visiting the capital city of Port Louis.  The city is rich with history and culture. Though English is the official language of the island, French, Creole, and even Asian languages are spoken throughout the country. The city contains a myriad of family-friendly attractions that include its Chinatown, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolan Botanic Garden (with its giant lily pads!), the Central Market, the famed Port Louis Racetrack, Citadel Fort Adelaide and the Natural History Museum. Port Louis is a delightful capital—warm and friendly—and filled with a myriad of attractions.


Island Hopping 

The beaches are some of the island’s best features. Outlying islands like the Ile aux Cerfs is also world-famous for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters. Many families visit this small island, which can also be walked around in roughly three hours. It’s the perfect day trip for anyone seeking a spectacular beach excursion. Mauritius boasts many renowned beaches that are ideal for water sports, such as scuba, snorkelling, and boating.  It’s even possible to swim with dolphins in Mauritius and many vacationers have been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of whales.


Visit the Naval Museum of Mahebourg

The Napoleonic Age and its epic sea battles come to life at this naval museum, which is a captivating attraction for all. Why not learn about the famous battle that took place at Mauritius between the French and the Royal Navy?  It’s a great venue to get the children interested in world history.


Tours & Activities in Mauritius

There are various private tours and tours promoted through the resorts that take vacationers on the excursion of a lifetime in Mauritius. You will get to visit the enchanting beaches, waterfalls, and other scenic splendours of the landscape. Or, you could tour the tea route, see the sugarcane fields and learn about the nation’s intriguing history that witnessed so many tumultuous changes.

Tours in Mauritius are a great way to learn about the island and this approach also allows you to fit a considerable amount of sightseeing into the holiday. With One World 365 you can find local tour operators who offer wildlife trips to see whales, dolphins and marine life in Mauritius. There are lots of adventure tours and trips which allow you to see different parts of the island including endless white sandy beaches, if you are lucky and in season you can see humpback whales.