Ivory Coast Holidays

Ivory Travel Guide

  • Capital: Yamoussoukro
  • Currency: CFA franc (XOF)
  • Country Size: 322,460 km²
  • Population: 17,655,000 (approx)
  • Language: French (official) + local dialects including Dioula


Best Time to Visit

This country is a year round destination but November to March are our top recommended time to book a trip as the weather is comfortable during this period. Usually it rains more during March to July, on the West Coast is tends to be cooler than inland. You will need to pack accordingly as it can be a warm sticky climate almost all year round.


Travel to Ivory Coast 

This country has had a turbulent past with political unrest, violence and devastating civil wars which have ravaged the nation, currently there are French troops and UN peacekeepers based around the country and so you will need to check latest safety information before departing. A lot of international flights arrive into Felix-Houphouet Boigny Airport and from here you can travel to other destinations in the country, we have authentic holidays, ideas for gap years and activities. Search our ideas for things to do in Ivory Coast including sightseeing, eco tourism & special interest activities.


Ivory Coast Holidays

The Ivory Coast is definately a country to visit if you want an authentic experience, there are far less tourists in this region of Africa. There are several international travel companies who offer small group holidays which will take you to the best places in the Ivory Coast. We recommend going to climb to the top of Mount Tonkoui for amazing views, go waterskiing in Abidjan and seeing colonial buildings in Grand Bassam. You can also visit local markets in places like Yamoussoukro or enjoy live music and dance performances throughout the country.


Ivory Coast Wildlife Tours 

One of our top recommend things to do in the Ivory Coast is to book a safari tour. Lots of lot travel operatars can arrange safaris which can be booked online in advance or once you are in the country. In locations like Abidjan and the Cocody-les-Deux plateau you can spend a few days going off the beaten track to see incredible African wildlife like buffalo, lions and elephants. Be sure to visit the Parc National de Taï rainforest where if you are lucky you will get to see chimpanzees.



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Guide to Volunteering in Ivory Coast

Most volunteer programs have an emphasis on helping people which have suffered a lot due to the unrest in recent decades. You could be working in communities helping build new structures, working to improve healthcare and sanitation, teaching and improving education with children or coaching sports. There are several locations where you can join volunteer programs including the city of Abidjan and more rural villages, sometimes you might be working in outreach teams travelling deep into the countryside helping remote communities. Local people speak French and it is recommended you learn basic phrases to enhance your stay but you will not need to know the language to apply. There are in-country classes available for you to learn and you will also get free time to travel and see more of this country.


How to Apply

To find featured organisations use our advanced search and contact them direct, you can also visit our Ghana volunteer page or Africa volunteering programs for more options.