Northern Territory Travel Tips

When you think of Australia and its landmarks, two places automatically come to mind before all others: Sydney's opera and Uluru (Ayers Rock). Sydney is relatively easy to check, and a lot of people don't really know if they want to do the journey to the Red Center and see what does seem to be a huge tourist trap.

But believe us, its worth the trip and fortunately, with airfares being quite low, you might want to decide to go check what the fuss is all about. This is the opportunity to do a small road trip (the absolute thing to do to experience Australia's vastness!).The best way to conquer the Australian Outback is definitely by road, whether it is a campervan, a 4WD or on a tour.



Darwin is the small capital city of the Northern Territory that is big on cosmopolitan culture. People from 50 distinct cultures live in harmony in this tropical paradise, and everyone enjoys the food, music and culture. There are also Aboriginal artists, sports fishing charters, sunset cruises and fantastic beaches in the area.


Central Australia & Kings Canyon 

The spectacular Outback awaits you! Go camping in the Australian Outback and watch awe-inspiring sunsets, explore the rugged landscape of Kings Canyon and discover Uluru. Discover the wonders of Uluru.

Start your day by being picked up from Yulara, make a stop at a traditional outback camel farm and if you feel adventurous, go for a ride on one of these ‘ships of the desert’. Join an exciting afternoon tour that will take you through ancient caves and take you aback by the impressive size and colours of Uluru.  Head to an 8km hike through to the mythical Valley of the Winds.

Don’t miss the typical feature of Central Australia, the rolling dunes, on the way to Kings Creek Station.  There’ll be a range of activities there for you to choose. Afterwards you’ll be served a traditional camp fest.  After a hectic day exploring, there’s nothing better than relax and discover stars in the clear desert sky. Go hiking and explore the impressive Kings Canyon, the Lost City and the Garden of Eden.

There are great chances for you to take numerous amazing travel pictures in Kings Canyon. After getting your camera memory card full, simply enjoy yourself in the relaxing rock pools. Return to Kings Creek Station to grab a bite just before heading back to Alice Springs with memories to last a lifetime. Most trips are around 3 days long with departures all year round. Prices can vary from £250 - £1000.


Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

This national park is in the southern region of the Northern Territory and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It contains the most famous rock in the world and Australia’s icon, Uluru (Ayers Rock). Nearby, visitors can also find Kata Tjuta (Mount Olga). These majestic rocks have been sacred to the Aborigines for thousands of years and access for tourists is limited. In spite of that, they are worth an excursion to view them at sunrise or sunset. It is a beautiful sight.


Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a small town in the middle of Australia. It is in the Northern Territory and is often called the Red Centre of Australia. The town is famous for the nearby natural wonders including the MacDonnell Ranges and Larapinta Trail. Alice, as the locals call the town, began as a telegraph station in the middle of nowhere.

Today, it is a thriving metropolis that serves as a base for visitors to enjoy the amazing natural beauty including astounding rock formations, swimming holes, the stunning red desert and the local widlife. Alice also has a wealth of art and information of the area’s first inhabitants, the Western Arrernte Aboriginal people.

The Araluen Cultural Precinct and the living art that lines the Todd Mall, offer a fascinating peek into their culture. This Precinct includes the Museum of Central Australia, the Albert Namatijra Gallery and the seven sacred sites of the Two Women Dreaming Track. In the evening, find a good spot to watch the sun set.

The sunset is one of the top attractions in Alice. Anzac Hill is one of the recommended places to see the sunset. Visitors can take a camel trek along the Todd River that rarely has water. Be sure to watch the famous sailing attraction each August on the river without water, which is pretty unique.

Popular Things to See Near Alice Springs

  • MacDonnell Ranges - MacDonnell Ranges are long series of mountain ranges located in the centre of Australia, and consist of parallel ridges running to the east and west of Alice Springs. The mountain range contains many spectacular gaps and gorges as well as areas of aboriginal significance. The best ways to see the MacDonnell Ranges is by flying either in a helicopter or by hot air balloon or by  trekking.
  • The Alice Springs Desert Park - Offers a wealth of information and live exhibitions of the wildlife that thrives in the Red Centre.
  • The Royal Flying Doctor Service – They are available to talk to visitors about the daring rescues and help they provide to the people who live in virtual isolation.
  • Palm Valley - Palm Valley and the surrounding area is the only place in Central Australia where Red Cabbage Palms (Livistona mariae) survive.
  • Tnorala Conservation Reserve – Here, visitors can see a crater formed by the impact of an asteroid or comet crashed into Earth. There are camping facilities for those who want to spend the night and see a solid-seeming Milky Way and more brilliant stars than anyone from a city thought existed.