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Traveling solo or independently is really not recommended due to the crime and also poor public transport facilities. There is the option to get around by taxis known locally as “tap-taps” - they pick up and drop off people along roads but can get extremely crowded and hot.

There is also private transportation available but this can be expensive. A tour takes all the hassel out of taking a overland trip, you will have an experienced guide who will take you to the best places and be on hand in case of any emergencies.

The roads in Haiti are in poor condition especially in rural areas and so don't expect a quick and smooth tour of the island. Some locations might seem close on a map and be only around 20 miles apart but journey times can take 1-2 hours!

Search and compare the best small group, overland and adventure tours from top rated travel operators. Some companies also offer combo experiences including travelling and also helping vounteer programs in Haiti


Haiti Budget Tours

We have a selection of tours for all budgets, so whether you are looking to explore on the cheap or you have a bit more money to spend you will be able to find a trip to match your interests.

Tours here are also a great way to meet other travellers, get day-to-day activities, hotel check-ins, selected meals, accommodation and also transport/guides included in the price. Don't worry if you are slightly older than 18-35, most companies accept all ages.

Our tours are perfect if you are travelling solo and would like to meet other people and travel in a group. You will get to meet other international travellers and get taken to the best locations in the country with an experienced guide, see new places, go off the beaten track to see locations difficult to reach, eat at the best local restaurants, enjoy a stress free journey and get an authentic local experience.


Popular Places to See

Most tours start and finish in the capital Port-au-Prince and include these locations in the itinerary.

Arrive in Cap-Haïtien and visit the famous Citadelle Laferrière, a UNESCO-designated mountaintop fortress. After, visit the sugar cane fields and learn to make famous Haitian rum. On Day 3, enjoy a walking tour including the cathedral and main city market. Learn to make kasav (a flat bread), a traditional food of the native Taino people.

Jacmel/Bassin Bleu
Jacmel is a town known for its vibrant art scene, carnival celebrations, and sandy beaches. Take a city tour focused on the art community here. Pop into artists' studios to view the local papier mâché creations and wander past colourful mosaics on every wall. On Day 5, visit the most famous attraction in the area, Bassin-Bleu. After a short ride and easy hike, arrive to the natural blue pools and waterfalls. Jump in and enjoy!

Visit to a local grassroots project, the Art Creation Foundation for Children. The program teaches at-risk children different types of traditional art while providing meals and a "second home". Enjoy a homemade meal here and learn about the great work this organization is doing. Continue on to Port-Salut. On Day 7, visit Grotte Marie-Jeanne (the caves of Haiti) in nearby Port-a-Piment. Explore the Marie-Jeanne cave with a guide and discover unique underground landscapes and massive caverns. In the afternoon, return to Port-Salut for sunset.

Explore Port-au-Prince and take a city tour focusing on Haitian history, unique culture and the vibrant local arts scene. See colourful arts, crafts and traditional goods at the artist community of Atis Rezistans, where, out of the rubble, artists began to create new life, spawning an entire community. Visit the Iron Market (Marché en Fer) for artifacts related to the traditional Vodou (Voodoo) culture in Haiti. Meet a Vodou priest at Noailles and find beautiful metal art treasures in the fascinating iron-working community of Croix-des-Bouquets. Fill up on Creole cuisine and culture along the way.



  • Accommodation: Usually travellers of the same sex will share a twin room, but there is also the option to pay a little extra and get a private room. Accommodation can vary depending on the tour and location. Some tours also include homestays which allow for a facsinating cultural exchange. 
  • Group Sizes: Typical group sizes are around 10-18 travellers with an average of 12 but this can vary between the tour and operator.
  • Transport: On most tours you will travel overland in a private small tour van. 
  • Safety: Check latest travel advice before departing. If you are not sure this is the right destination for you view more Caribbean tours.


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