Rio de Janeiro Sightseeing Tours

Rio de Janeiro Tours

Find guided, private and sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, adventure sports and ecotourism ideas.

Booking a city sightseeing tour of Rio de Janeiro will allow you enjoy a safe and incredible experience in this magical destination. Search tours and discover why this city is nicknamed Cidade Maravilhosa (Marvellous City)

If you would like to discover the best places in Rio learning more about the people, history, culture and places you visit then a guided or package tour is an ideal option. There are also lots of day and longer tours departing from Rio de Janeiro. 

On a tour of Rio you wil get to visit world famous and iconic places like Copacobana beach, the Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer just to name a few. Most tours are led by multilingual guides who will also take you to eat at populcar locally run cafes and restraurants where you can enjoy delicious Brazilian food. There are also lots of adventure activities you can book in Rio which all you to do more than just sightseeing. 

Types of tours you can book include:

Private Tours
There are options to arrange private tours of Rio where you will have a guide and not be in a group. This is the best way to have the most detailed experience as you will have 100% attention and get all questions answered. These types of tours are usually the most expensive options. Tour guides can either pick you up or meet you at a pre-arranged location. 

Sightseeing Tours
Group sightseeing tours are very popular, here you will get to explore the city with other people from all over the world. Most tours begin in the morning where you will meet a guided tour in popular tourist areas. Some tours will pick you up at your accommodation also, it really depends on the tour operator. Tours are available in lots of languages. At the end of the trip you will usually be transfered back to your hotel

Free Tours 
Some people offer free walking tours which take you to local sights, cafes, bars and restraurants. Although these experieces are advertised as free you might want consider tipping the guide if you think the tour was enjoyable. 

Favela Tours 
Interested to learn more about the world famous favelas? There are sightseeing tours available and since the Brazilian pacification process began a few years ago these tours are very safe - you will not be taken into any dangerous favelas. A favela tour is the safest way to see and learn more about this communities. 

Tours vary in price depending on the duration, type of tour and also the company. Some companies also offer combo tours including volunteering in Rio de Janeiro or Portuguese language classes in Rio de Janeiro. You can search city tours and book now to discover the best of Rio for yourself!


Popular Adventure Activities in Rio

  • Hang gliding and paragliding
  • Helicopter tours
  • Tijuca Forest adventure trips
  • Dois Irmãos hiking 
  • Corcovado hiking 
  • Pedra Bonita hiking 
  • Pico da Tijuca hiking 
  • Sugar Loaf and Pedra da Gavea mountaineering 

Water sports you can do in Rio include parasailing, parchuting, sailing, kayaking, paddling, surfing, scuba diving and white water rafing.


Tours from Rio de Janeiro

There are lots of day tours and longer which can be joined in Rio. Most tours of Brazil start in this city but you can then discover the rest of Brazil or even travel in South America and see more of the continent.


Best Day Trips from Rio de Janeiro

Popular Excursions from Rio include:

  • Teresopolis 
  • Sana 
  • Ilha Grande 
  • Serra dos Orgãos