A Guide to Surfing in Costa Rica

The areas of Montezuma and nearby Mal Pais provide all sorts of breaks to choose from.  Depending on your skill level, our instructors will bring you to the appropriate location.  Generally each class will last 2 hours (Monday-Friday), but that may depend on your endurance as surfing is a rigorous and, often times, tiring, sport.  Either way you’ll find 2 hours to be more than enough to be ripping in no time.

Beginner Surfers

Here in Montezuma it’s normally best to surf with high tide at our local beach, Playa Grande.  This beach is not well known outside of Montezuma which is a huge plus for us.  No one fights for waves.  As a result, each surfer is provided with a safer environment as well as the privacy to make mistakes without embarrassment.  Playa Grande is a beautiful 25 minute walk from town along the beach and through shaded jungle passes.  It’s a great chance to see our local wildlife everyday.

After going over the introduction on land you will spend the next two hours in the water practicing your balance on the board while getting a feel for the waves and the basic techniques on how to stand up and paddle effectively.  These lessons will introduce you to surfing and give you the tools for what often becomes a lifelong passion.

Intermediate and Advanced Surfers

Surfing is still best at high tide and often Playa Grande is still the best place to go. Depending on the swell, however, there are a few other surf breaks that are worth riding for intermediate and advanced levels as well.  One of the best breaks is Los Cedros. There, breaking off a large underwater rock, you'll find a perfect left that stretches for a super long and beautiful ride.

The top surfers from Mal Pais consistently head over to the Montezuma side when the waves are just right.  Depending on the daily conditions, our instructors will guide you to the best spot available.  But no matter where you surf, they'll give you plenty of personal attention.  All so that at the end of your program, you'll be tearing it up like never before.

Classes involving yoga, poi and surfing, excluding combinations with Spanish, can be taken beginning on almost any Sunday (see schedule for vacation dates).  For combinations including Spanish classes please see our "Rates and Dates" page for schedules.

Here's a look at what you can expect from surfing combination programs:

1 Week Surfing Program

Surfboard rental
Introduction to surfing on beach for beginners
2 hours of surfing instruction at best local beach, M-F
Guided waterfall hike
Guided nighttime, giant turtle, egg laying tour (July – October; full and new moons)
6 nights accommodation at La Escuela Del Sol

2 Week Surfing Program

Features of 1 Week Program plus:
1 more week's accommodation (13 nights total)
Optional zip line canopy tour or guided horseback riding to private waterfalls (weekends only)

3 Week Surfing Program

Includes all features of 2 Week Program plus:
1 more week's accommodation (20 nights total)
Optional class on third Friday to allow for extended travel

4 Week Surfing Program

Includes all features of 3 Week Program plus:
1 more week's accommodation (27 nights total)


Costa Rica Surf School Reviews 

"My thoughts on the program - I loved it!  I can't quit talking about my week: learning to surf and improving my Spanish in Costa Rica, the great teachers, new places, and interesting people. My instructors were excellent teachers, and the small class sizes were great.  I love the town of Montezuma- there couldn't be a better setting for the school.  There was a good community feeling with the other students at the school, too.  Your assistance and support in arranging the zipline, transfer packs, and crab issues was super helpful!  I would not have taken this trip to Costa Rica without the school.  I had an amazing time and would have loved to stay a lot longer!" - Alyssa Wesdorp, Spanish and Surfing