Surfing in Barbados

Barbados is famous for it's warm weather, luxury resorts, beaches and clear blue ocean, but did you realise it is also one of the best places to go surfing in the world. This is the perfect surf destination for both beginner and advanced levels. If you are already a pro, we recommend heading to the world famous Bathsheba area on the East Coast or if you are looking to learn or are still at a intermediate level then the South Coast is the best place to head to.




Best Time to Go Surfing in Barbados

  • October to March



Top Reasons to Go Surfing in Barbados

“I’ve been going for over 20 years, and I’d put Soup Bowl (in Barbados) as one of the top three waves in the world,” Kelly Slater.  



Best Places to Go Surfing in Barbados

Best Advanced Surf Spots in Barbados

  1. Soup Bowl, Bathsheba
  2. Parlors, Bathsheba
  3. Tropicana, West coast 


Best Places to Surf for Intermediates in Barbados

  1. Freights, South coast 
  2. Silver Sands, South coast 
  3. South Point, South coast 


Best Surf Spots for Beginners in Barbados

  1. Surfers Point, South coast 
  2. Long Beach, South East coast 
  3. Dover Beach, South coast 



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