Why Apply for a Dive Internship

Experienced staff will be able to assist you along the way and this will be a really fun experience if you put the effort in and really want to learn. We highly recommend training to be a scuba diving instructor, not many things in the world compare. Courses will focus on safety, how to work on boats and covers all scuba diving issues and once you have passed you will be able to find work. You can find scuba diving internships in destinations all around the world which are a great way to improve and learn more about diving. These courses usually last a couple of weeks to a month and full training will be provided.


Dive Master Training Courses

There are structured internships and programs available where you can spend time, usually 15 weeks as a trainee at a local dive centre. This means you will be have a mentor throughout your stay (a main instructor) who will ensure that you are covering all the learning and getting as much hands-on experience as possible as a professional trainee. You will gain so much experience and log so many dives during your stay you really will end the traineeship knowing that you've received the best educational and diving experience.

The first part of the DM training is our carefully designed DM work experience module. You will first receive hands on experience and knowledge (as it's a taught module) relating to different areas of the dive centre over a 10 day period. You then apply this knowledge over the next 5 weeks as you complete the Divemaster Internship. You will get experience working in all areas of the dive centre, guide dives and assist instructors as often as possible around your Divemaster internship courses. The DM Internship blends nicely into a Dive Management module which lasts for 10 days. It's an expansion to the DM work experience module and focuses more on dive management, dive centre logistics and organisation. It definitely enhances your knowledge of how to run a dive centre, but it also prepares you mentally for life as professional dive instructor and the Instructor level training to follow.

There's is usually a short break in the schedule for revision and diving before the 3 weeks of IDC training start. During this time you will work as a team with other Instructor trainees developing your skills and teaching to one another. The training is run with immaculate organisation and time-keeping to ensure you are all ready for the Instructor exams. After the Instructor Exam (IE) you will get to party(!) before starting the MSDT Prep course which educates you how to teach 5 speciality courses. This is an essential qualification.

By completing the courses you will be able teach 5 specialities as well discover scuba to Divemaster. It also means you can automatically apply for your MSDT licence after you certify 25 divers. The last part of the traineeship is the team teach module. During this time you will teach diving courses to customer under the supervision of an instructor. You'll get to do teaching but someone will be at hand to provide advice and tips when necessary. It's a useful module that ensures you start teaching with complete confidence in yourself!


Where to Find Dive Jobs

You can find scuba diving jobs all around the world:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe and Mediterranean
  • Central America
  • South America
  • North America
  • Middle East
  • Oceania / Pacific


Popular Places to Work as a Dive Instructor

  • Cambodia
  • Caribbean
  • Egypt
  • Honduras
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam


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