The chances are if you are going to be visiting Malaysia you will pass by KL as it is affectionaly known. This city is facsinating and find a good hostel to stay can really enhance the experience.

There are lots of cool hostels in Kuala Lumpur so to help you decide which ones are the best we have put together a guide to help. The hostels included in our list are perfect for everyone, so whether you are going to be travelling solo and want to be social and party, or you need a based to work from, or you are going to be visiting as a couple and want a little more privacy on a budget.

Check out our top recommendations for the top 5 backpacker hostels to stay in Kuala Lumpur below which is based on price, reviews and location.


5 Best Hostels in Kuala Lumpur

  • Reggae Mansion
  • Mingle Hostel
  • Dorms KL
  • Back Home
  • Paper Plane Hostel


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