Ideas for River Cruise Holidays

Amazon Cruises

There are a diverse and exciting worldwide range of river cruises, experience traveling in a different country whilst in a safe and comfortable environment. Cruise operators offer a wide range of tours and have extensive experience helping people book holidays and river cruises. You will need to browse destinations and select a cruise ship and company which most appeals to you, there is a lot of choice so its best to contact as many operators as possible.

You could join a luxury trip which will take you to see some of the best tourist sights around the world. Visit places you never dreamed about visiting before on guided day tours, there are plenty of opportunities to see new towns and cities along the way. All cruise ships are fitted with the latest technology, you will most likely have a television and access to wifi onboard. Most rooms have spacious interiors, some also have a balcony with panoramic views which is amazing letting you see as much of the surroundings as possible. 

You will experience the finest cuisine and staffing standards on cruises, they aim to deliver the highest staffing standards. Some of the largest global cruise companies include Viking, Amadeus, Uniworld and Avalon. If a large cruise holiday is not your thing, then book a less grand trip by traveling on the smaller river cruises to a destination like the Danube in Holland. 

Popular river cruises include sailing down the nile in Egypt, floating down the Mekong in Vietnam or experiencing the laid back lifestype in France and Europe. In Asia you can join river cruises in countries like China, experience the far east of a boat trip dwon the famous Yangtze river. These really are dream trips but please be aware you will need to book far in advance for the best deals. There are a lot of cruise booking website, shop around for the best deal.

Plan a holiday with a difference and create magical memories which will last a lifetime on a river cruise holiday abroad.


Top 10 River Cruises Abroad

  • 1 The Nile, Egypt
  • 2 Volga River, Russia
  • 3 The Yangtze, China
  • 4 The Amazon, Brazil
  • 5 The Mekong, Vietnam, Cambodia
  • 6 The Rhine, Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland
  • 7 The Mississippi, USA
  • 8 The Rhône, France
  • 9 The Douro, Spain, Portugal
  • 10 The Danube, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany


Amazon Cruises

This will be one of the most amazing experience of your life going deep into the Amazon rainforest.