For 8 weeks you will be diving every day! You will work with a young dynamic team and earn your beer money shooting movies in paradise. Who does not love that!

Spend 8 weeks in Koh Tao learning how to shoot, edit and produce awesome underwater movies. While most underwater videography courses in Koh Tao are only 6 weeks long, we´ve decided to spoil you with an extra two weeks, to ensure you really come home with the best skills and the most relevant experience, whether you want to pursue a career as an underwater filmmaker, or just use your new skills to fund your world travels.

One of the most exciting aspects of our underwater filmmaker course is that for 7 weeks you can participate in a paid internship, meaning you can earn your beer money while living in one of the most beautiful places on earth! We know, we know, we spoil you!

Live in our awesome diving resort, right next to the beach, gain access to top facilities and equipment, and enhance your diving skills until you´re confident enough to begin shooting underwater. To join the paid internship, you will need a minimum scuba diving qualification of Rescue Diver But if you do not already hot this qualification no worries we can include That for you with additional two-week bolt on.



  • 8 (Week) - Standard Fan Film Maker Internship - £1999
  • 10 (Week) - Standard Fan From Open Water - £3099
  • 10 (Week) - Standard Fan From Rescue - £2599
  • 10 (Week) - Standard Fan From Advanced Water - £2889