Either complete an eye opening beginner or Advanced course, or come stay a while with a full blown freediving master.

On our Thailand Freediving course you will learn how to overcome your fears and decent down to 30 to 40 metres holding your breath. Advanced techniques are taught by highly experienced instructors, allowing you to experience the amazing underwater world of Koh Tao. If you are on a short break go for the beginner and advanced course, if you want to spend some decent time here, become a freedive Master.

Was this trip might not be right for everyone if you do like the water then you can take your snorkelling experience to the next level you would genuinely be amazed by how capable you can be under the water.



  • Ideal for a short holiday or cool activity to add to your gap year
  • Totally unique programme, feel free
  • 1 week    for a beginner course.
  • 2 weeks for a beginner & advanced course.
  • 6 weeks to become a master!
  • Freediving up to 20 meters within 2 days
  • For the more advanced: freediving up to 40 meters!
  • No dive equipment needed
  • See turtles, tropical fish and more!
  • Experience the stunning under water world
  • Accommodation on the beautiful Thai island Koh Tao
  • Stay one day and night in a luxury hotel in the buzzing backpackers area of Bangkok upon arrival



  • 1 (Week) Beginner Course & Accommodation - £399 
  • 1 (Week) Advanced Course & Accommodation - £399
  • 2 (Week) Beginner & Advanced Course & Standard Fan Accommodation - £649 
  • 2 (Week) Beginner & Advanced Course & Comfort Fan Accommodation - £789
  • 2 (Week) Beginner & Advanced Course & Aircon Accommodation - £899 
  • 6 (Week) Master Course ( Zero to-hero) Standard Fan - £1659 
  • 6 (Week) Master Course ( Zero to-hero) Comfort Room - £1899 
  • 6 (Week) Master Course ( Zero to-hero) Aircon Room - £1999