You will discover one of the most amazing lifestyles and gain a professional level qualification enabling you to work  and get paid in the scuba diving industry all over the world.

The Koh Tao Divemaster course is an 8 or 12 week trip giving you plenty of opportunity to dive with sharks, whale sharks and thousands of tropical fish, like Nemo! Set on a tropical island paradise, with to die for beaches, crystal clear seas this is the worlds number one spot to do your Divemaster.

The Koh Tao Divemaster plus internship provides you with unlimited diving, meaning you can dive every day of the week up to 5 times a day. After the course you will be qualified as a dive master, which is recognized word wide, and can even start to earn your own money while travelling!



  • Diving every day in superb dive sites with unlimited diving*
  • Living on one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands
  • Awesome night life & cool island community atmosphere
  • Professional and fun training from western SSI and RAID instructors
  • Divemaster course plus internship to become a Divemaster
  • Qualify to work in the dive industry all over the world
  • Plenty of chill time and great beaches to hang out
  • Amazing stay in a resort on Koh Tao with swimming pool


What to Expect

For our Koh Tao Divemaster courses, we use the SSI training accreditation. SSI is widely considered to be one of the top dive training agencies in the Koh Tao Divemaster course SSi dive industry. 

This programme is not just about the diving, you will develop leadership skills necessary  to have a job leading divers in the underwater world. Koh Tao Divemasters become trained in reacting to and dealing with emergencies. Helping distressed divers and learning about the physics, physiology and theory  of diving. All the while you will be living on Koh Tao, a tropical paradise island with a chilled cosmopolitan social scene and indescribable natural beauty.

Just imagine living in a tropical paradise with fun filled days and exciting nights. Experience the freedom and happiness and change your life. Should you wish to stay after during your Divemaster training, you will be qualified to gain paid work as a Divemaster at one of the many dive resorts located in Koh Tao. Or perhaps follow the a Technical diving (wreck hunter) course or even become an Dive instructor. (If you join our SSI programme you can go straight from zero to Instructor in 12 weeks!)

You can also add on a Underwater videography course if you further wish to extend your interest in diving or subsidise your travels as this is a paid internship.


What is Included

  • Unlimited diving (4x day)
  • Night dives
  • Breakfast on the boat (Fruit, Tea and Coffee)
  • Travel advise prior to departure to Thailand
  • Hotel in Bangkok on the night before leaving for paradise
  • Transfer from Bangkok to Koh Tao in Thailand
  • In country representative to meet you off the boat
  • Comfortable and clean: up to 12 weeks accommodation at the dive resort
  • Island introduction and orientation and dinner party on arrival
  • Organized monthly night out 



  • 8 (Week) - Rescue to Divemaster - £2359 
  • 8 (Week) - AOW to Divemaster - £2599 
  • 8 (Week) - OW to Divemaster - £2869 
  • 12 (Week) - Rescue to Divemaster - £3129 
  • 12 (Week) - AOW to Divemaster - £3379 
  • 12 (Week) - OW to Divemaster - £3599