Crude navigational maps of the Galapagos created by pirates in the 1600s were later used by Darwin during his famous 1835 survey of the islands aboard the HMS Beagle? is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get close to these beautiful animals. Consider helping to preserve this pristine environment by picking up beach trash during your island visits.

The Galápagos Islands are an ecotourism adventurer’s dream destination, situated 600 miles off of Ecuador’s Pacific coast. Here wildlife has never developed a fear of human beings, providing visitors an unparalleled experience to be able to approach these birds and animals closely and observe them in their natural habitat. It was in these islands that Darwin developed his theory of evolution. 

Your five-day sail will enable you to see a cross-section of the islands, each with its own distinct geographic features, flora and fauna. Your daily excursions will bring a lifetime of memories of adventures amongst these beautiful islands and their resident wildlife.

Start and finish your journey in the interesting Pacific coast city of Guayaquil, where you will get a sense of mainland Ecuador’s city life and local cuisine.