In the summer of 2000, the Russian Youth Voluntary Center World4U started as an official NGO, organising international projects in Russia and sending Russian volunteers abroad.

It began to exist in 1997-1998 as a group of young enthusiastic people - all with a vision that international communication among youth has a tremendous potential in raising intercultural understanding, tolerance and creating peaceful life in the world-wide community. 

We are one of the biggest voluntary centers in Russia which manage international voluntary exchange. World4u represents about 2500 creative and bright individuals who are united by the idea of volunteering and cross cultural understanding. 


Volunteering in Russia

We have regional partners in many regions of Russia.

World4U helps organize international volunteer projects with the involvement of foreign volunteers in Russian public, environmental, charitable organizations, educational and educational institutions, rehabilitation centers, and local communities.

Every year we hold about 10-15 international camps in Russia. In different years, we organized camps in Baikal, Altai, Solovki, Valaam and other no less interesting places.

Each year, 60-100 volunteers from around the world participate in Russian World 4 U projects . Projects in Russia are most popular with volunteers from Spain, Germany, Turkey, Poland, South Korea, Japan, Serbia, France, the USA, England, the Czech Republic, etc. The age of volunteers ranges from 18 to 60 years. Volunteers are motivated by an interest in Russian culture, the Russian language.

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