Wild Inside Advetures offers several animal focused programmes throughout Africa, including veterinary courses, consevation projects, and working riding holidays. We have been operating since 2017.

Wild Inside Adventures aims to provide ethical volunteer travel of a high standard, and provide valuable hands-on learning exeperiences to gap year students. 

Our veterinary programmes run as short courses, and can give students applying for vet school in the future valuable experience in the vetereinary field, helping with successful vet school applications, and also give students a head start in the veterinary industry. The veterinary programmes also give exposure to the veterinary industry to those considering a veterinary career in the future, and may help deciding whether a veterinary career is the correct path for them. 

Our conservation projects offer volunteers a hand-on experience within big five game reserves, exposing gap year students to the world of conservation in an exciting setting. Participants get involved in the day to day running of the reserve, including monitoring and researching various species of African wildife, and also reserve maintenance. These projects are perfect fpr all animal and nature lovers, as well as individuals considering studying a conservation related course, or going into a career with conservation. 

The working riding holidays give equestrian enthusiasts a budget riding holiday, in several locations, including horse safari companies, and beach riding holiday establishments. Volunteers recieve a riidng holiday at 30% of the usual cost, in return for helping out with the horses in between rides. The working riding holidays provide a great way for riders to experinence a riidng safari, or beach riding holiday, on a smaller budget, as well as adding to their CV if they wish to persue a career with horses.