Teach in the Paradise of the Cook Islands

Company : Volunteer.Travel
Location : Cook Islands
Duration: 4 weeks to 2 months
Approx Costs: 1000 to 2000 £ Pound (UK)

Immerse yourself in the staggering natural beauty of this astonishing location and make a difference to the lives of youngsters that live amongst the communities of these far flung islands.

Imagine a beach of ivory sand, stretching as far as the eye can see. As the crimson sun sets over a vast horizon, tropical birds dip and soar through the sky, skimming the tranquil waters of the crystal clear Pacific Ocean.

The tiny and remote Cook Islands are scattered across the heart of the South Pacific, a place of intriguing and mystical heritage where the people live totally in harmony with the fertile landscape that surrounds them. You will see a multitude of unforgettable sights, including intricately sculpted natural caves where tiny multicoloured birds nest and roost.

The fifteen Cook Islands really are paradise on Earth. Joining this project, you will not only be able to immerse yourself in the staggering natural beauty of this astonishing location, you will also be able to make a significant difference to the lives of youngsters that live amongst the communities of these far flung islands.



Students will be interested in life where you come from. You may be able to get involved with teaching other activities such as sports, music or science, if you are interested and have the relevant skills. Rather than just seeing teaching as a way of transferring knowledge, you are inspiring and shaping young minds. By investing your time and skills with the children of the Cook Islands, you are creating a lifelong legacy that will create and open up opportunities in their futures. This is an incredible experience that will hugely benefit the local communities, whilst building your skill base and giving you an absolutely unforgettable gap year, year out or career break!



Your teaching or community work will bring you into your host community as a welcome new member. You'll teach children basic English and other subjects of your choosing, and you'll have ample opportunity to play sports and games with them, and a range of other fun activities; the only limit is your own imagination and creativity. Whilst being some of the most flawlessly beautiful places in existence, the Cook Islands are economically limited and largely dependent on tourism for growth and income, which is a precarious and unevenly dispersed source of financial security. Outside of the central larger islands, many of the smaller atolls suffer and education is under-funded and very poorly resourced.

As well as teaching, you may be carrying out vital rejuvenation and rebuilding work, getting involved in community environmental projects and other community activities depending on your skills, interests and what you would like to organise! As this project is not strictly structured it gives volunteers a great opportunity to really make a difference in their own way. You will need to be aware that school holidays, which do not always follow a clear structure, can sometimes coincide with volunteer placements. In these situations you will be able to lend your hand to important community development work in general, broadening your experience and contributing in a different way that is just as worthwhile.

At the end of the day you are free to explore the islands, try a range of activities, or simply relax in the heavenly surroundings!

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