By living in a village you would know the different problems these people have and how and what makes these people so much different from us and our lifestyle in cities. The aim of Faces of India travel experiences is that the participant sees the world from the eyes of another person and becomes a part of another community for a few days.

Through Faces of India: Life of a Villager, we aim to provide an authentic and cultural experience in a pahaadi (or mountain) village in Uttarakhand. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city life and our daily schedules, the participants will get to experience the world from the eyes of a villager, and become a part of another community. Even though it is a secluded village, it has a strong Wi-fi connection! :p



Despite being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, India still has rampant poverty, with children going to bed hungry and not getting proper education. Through the volunteering program, you might not be able to change the circumstances of the country but can definitely leave a positive imprint on the lives of the residents of those villagers by giving them a reason to stay in the place that they have grown up in and in which they have come to fall in love with.


Field conditions

Visitors will work with village residents to experience their day-to-day chores and how they get the things done in the villages without a whole lot of tools and amenities. Various cultural exchange sessions are also organised with the volunteers and the students. The volunteer can share history, fun facts, folklore, and more about their own country and also learn a lot about India. Volunteer work in Women Empowerment and Marketing can also be arranged.


Arrival and orientation

  • Airport Pickup - Airport pickup is provided to volunteers. They are picked up by a TTW Experience Captain who drops the volunteer off at the accommodation.
  • Pre - Departure Orientation - Over a Skype call, the volunteer coordinates with a TTW Experience Captain who informs the volunteer about things such as volunteer work, safety tips, packing checklist, how to stay within budget, and more.
  • Visa and Flight Tickets - Support is provided while applying for a visa and buying flight tickets. An Invitation letter for a volunteer can also be provided for the visa application.
  • Arrival Orientation - The TTW Experience Captain helps the participant get in tune with the local area by showing them the local market place, helping them get a SIM card, get their currency exchanged, and more. In case of special needs such as gluten-free food, for example, arrangements are made in advance.



Basic, clean facilities provided, including a comfortable bed, clean linen, wifi, hygienic washroom, hot/cold water. During the project, the volunteer stays in different types of accommodation, which can range from guesthouses and home stays.

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