Travel & Contribute | Caribbean + Plantations + Trekking

Your Journey…

Starting at the coast, you'll spend your first 5 weeks working on two volunteer projects – renovating a famous palm-fringed beach called ‘Playa Melisa’ located on the beautiful island of Arapito, and running an after-school fun club for local kids. Then you'll move upland into Caripe, where you’ll help to restore mountain trails and breathtaking bat caves whilst working on a reforestation project to protect indigenous tree species.

Finally, you’ll tackle the challenge of a 2 week expedition to La Gran Sabana,  in the South- Eastern corner of Venezuela bordering Brazil and Guyana. These mystical highlands are one of the oldest rock formations in the world and the remains of when the South American continent was still attached to Africa. Scale these spectacular table-top mountains, called the Tepuis, dive into the waterfalls and trek through pristine jungle to encounter the primitive and spiritual Pemon Indians.

To brush up your language skills and help you on the projects, 10 hours per week intensive group Spanish lessons will kick off as soon as you arrive.

Project breakdown for a 10 week placement
5 wks conservation + community projects on Caribbean beaches
3 wks conservation projects inland near Caripe.
2 wks Gran Saban Expedition

Your Accommodation and Meals
At the coast you'll be staying in a gorgeous beach-side lodge in dorms or double rooms with shared shower and bathroom facilities – but the hub of the lodge is the dining and recreational area which includes a popular bar, popular for all at the end of the day! Accommodation in Caripe will be in a basic Hacienda and in the Gran Sabana expect camping or local hostels.



  • £2090 (6 weeks) £3050 (full 10 weeks)