As one of the world’s most well-known and revered animals, the Giant Panda appears highly on many people’s lists of favourite animals, but unfortunately these beautiful black and white bears. It is estimated that there are as few as 1,800 giant pandas remaining in the wild, and without the help of passionate conservationists this number would fall to a level from which it would be unable to recover.

As a volunteer on this project you will be working alongside the staff to complete all jobs that are so crucial to keep the sanctuary running smoothly. Caring for the pandas is an ongoing job, and as a volunteer you’ll play a key role in helping to look after these wonderfully unique animals!



Day 1

Your adventure begins, and after being collected from the airport you’ll take a transfer to a local hostel before having time to explore Chengdu city.

Day 2

Today you will have the incredible opportunity to visit Chengdu’s Panda Breeding Centre and will also partake in a walking tour of this beautiful and historic city.

Day 3

It’s time to transfer to the panda project! After arrival you’ll be shown to your room, receive orientation and form your working groups.

Day 4

Today you’ll enjoy project work and partaking in activities such as making panda cake or cleaning the animal’s enclosures.

Day 5

Throughout the day you will continue panda conservation activities and this evening you will have the chance to partake in Chinese language lessons!  

Day 6

Your last day of project work will finish earlier and you may have the opportunity to take a trip to Bifeng Temple (although you’ll need to confirm this with the in-country team).

Day 7

Today is your final day and after saying your goodbyes to your new friends (including the pandas!) you’ll head back to Chengdu International Airport to begin your journey home or onward travel plans.


Project Activities

Enclosure Cleaning

Pandas are very messy animals and as a result their enclosures need to be cleaned and tidied on a regular basis. The bears have both an indoor and outdoor enclosure, and you’ll be helping to clean both.

Panda Feeding

Pandas are extremely hungry and need to be fed four times per day, you’ll be helping to prepare a variety of food and assist the keepers in feeding the bears through their enclosures.

Scientific Research

On occasion volunteers are asked to aid the in-country team in researching the panda’s behaviours and medical health so that the bears can be properly looked after.

Exploring the Centre

As a volunteer on this project you’ll have full access to all sections of the reserve. You’ll be able to explore the nursery, where baby pandas are homed when abandoned by mothers, the rescue centre and the educational facilities.

Cultural Activities

As a volunteer on this project you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself in Chinese culture through language, cooking and calligraphy lessons!

City Tour and a Visit To The Panda Breeding Centre

On the second day of your trip you’ll be able to visit the Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre and explore Chengdu on a city walking tour. This tour gives you a fantastic opportunity to take some amazing snaps.