The Family Borneo Wildlife Safari offers a unique experience for the whole family to enjoy together, becoming immersed in the local community and fascinating wildlife of the lush Borneo rainforest. The main part of the programme is spent in the beautiful Sukau village, with family volunteer opportunities conducted in and around the village or along the Kinabatangan River.

Families stay in a wildlife sanctuary in the village (where wildlife includes orangutans and sun bears), amongst the warm and welcoming Orang Sungai villagers or 'People of the River'.

Much of the project will be spent with the villagers, joining them in their homes for meals and assisting in community projects at the local school. To round off the tour, family volunteers are taken to visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre where they will get to see orang-utans in the process of rehabilitation.



Day 1

Arrive at Sandakan International Airport and transfer to temporary longhouse-style accommodation in Sepilok. Spend the night learning about the Corridor of Life and the project aims. Enjoy a welcome dinner and a briefing with your programme facilitator.

Day 2-5

Project Days. Transfer to the project site at Sukau. You will have health & safety briefing, followed by orientation around the village. Begin volunteering duties in the afternoon, these days are spent on the project site. These activities are crucial in connecting fragmented forest in the area, and to encourage healthy orangutan and pygmy elephant populations.

Day 6

Travel from the project site to Rainforest Discovery Centre before travelling to Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre to experience the orangutans in their natural habitat. The last evening can be spent resting and relaxing in a comfortable city hotel in the heart of Sandakan.

Day 7 

Transfer from your hotel in the city to Sandakan Airport for your return flight, or commence independent travel plans.

Project Activities

One this project you and your family will get the chance to take part in a variety of activities. Below are some examples.

Boat Trips
Cruise on a boat along the 'corridor of life' to observe the endangered wildlife roaming the forest along the river banks. You will be on the lookout for pygmy elephants and orangutans.

Habitat Restoration
Including nursery care, tree planting, seedling generation, clearing invasive species and recording date of trees growing.

Guided Jungle Trek
The amazing tropical rainforest of Malaysian Borneo is the ideal setting for a family trek. The trek involves an introduction to the flora and fauna of the area and to what the rainforest traditionally offers in terms of the inhabitants, medicine, food and survival. 

School Interaction
Spend half a day working with local school children on conservation issues dealt with on a daily basis. Volunteers will be provided with a framework by the project facilitator who will guide you in the planning of this session. 

Cultural and Community Interaction
A big part of this family project is living amongst and contributing to the Sukau community. Most lunches and dinners will be served in the homes of villagers and local families, providing a chance to hear about their everyday lives, play with the children, learn their family routines and discover how the Orang Sungai have been living off the rivers and jungles for centuries.