Our flagship 25 day tour contains many of China's highlights including seeing the pandas, camping on the Great Wall and the terracotta warriors. The tours are full of genuine experience, incredible scenery and adventure. 

The Dragon Trip is made of up a team of China enthusiasts who aim to provide affordable, adventurous tours around the world’s most fascinating nation. All Dragon Trips around China include the following things- which we believe set us apart from the competition!


  • Unmissable attractions- Pandas, the terracotta warriors, camping on the Great Wall, the Shaolin temple and much more- The Dragon Trip contains all the bucket list destinations for China
  • Great Nightlife- bar crawls in Shanghai, karaoke in Xi’an, rooftop bars in Yangshuo and a whole host of fun places to while away the evening- the trip shows you a whole new side of China…
  • Off the beaten track locations- Dragon Trippers go way beyond the standard tourist sites with visits to rural farms, kung fu oprhanages and traditional round houses. We take you under China’s skin and offer real experiences.
  • Giving back- volunteering at a soup kitchen and an afternoon at the kung fu children’s home in Shaolin add to your insight of China and enable you to make a real difference to the places you are visiting.


Travel in a group of young, like-minded, curious travellers. Dragon Trippers and form friendships for life. Plus get to know the awesome adventure leaders who show you around their home cities


Top class safety management systems


The cheapest in China.

Target Audience

  • Average age- 25 but travellers range from 17-70
  • Average group size - 15
  • Majority of customers from UK but 10% Australian, 5% American, 5% Kiwi, 5% European
  • All share a sense of curiosity and excitement