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Secret Compass

Secret Compass is an independent expeditionary service that provides adventures in some of the most remote and undiscovered locations in the world

Secret Compass runs pioneering and purposeful expeditions to the most remote, inaccessible place on earth. These team adventures all have a challenging aim- whether it’s rafting an uncharted river or scaling an unclimbed peak. Everyone who joins the team works together to achieve something extraordinary and make the expedition a success. All the expeditions are guided by experts in the field and planned with military precision. 

There are a number of unique expeditions each year, offering participants the opportunity to travel to some of the most remote and wild places on earth as part of a small, highly exclusive team including some of the world experts in their field. We invite people to join us on an expedition that we plan, and lead ourselves. We only pick journeys that have an interesting history, go to difficult to reach locations and carry an element of arduousness and adventure. Each will be a trip of a lifetime.

Expeditions In:

  • Burma
  • Panama
  • Afghanistan
  • Siberia
  • Israel
  • Madagascar
  • Gabon
  • Iraq / Kurdistan
  • Armenia
  • Sinai, Egypt
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran


Browse our upcoming adventures above, or see where we’ve taken previous teams to get a feel for what Secret Compass is all about. If you think you’ve got what it takes and long to achieve the extraordinary in the world’s wildest places, join one of our expeditions today. Start your next adventure today.


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