Our language school is a specialist provider of high quality learning programs and activities for adults & children with a huge amount of experience in providing educational, fun and engaging programs.

We are knowledgeable and experienced with all levels of English and French, ensuring that elementary students make immediate progress. Intermediate level students will bridge the gap to advanced language skills and good English or French speakers will practise their way through fluency.

We continuously monitor and assess students’ progress, ensuring that they have the confidence to communicate. All students receive a certificate upon successful completion of their classes.

Arranging courses, activities, excursions and your accommodation, Riviera French Institute will provide all the help so that you can enjoy your stay in one of the most beautiful regions in the world. ”


Our courses

  • We offer a wide range of language courses, customized to your level.
  • Our camps are all inclusive, courses, accommodation, excursions. 
  • Our general courses are booked by learners who already have a place to stay. 
  • Our specialised courses are designed based on advanced topics for people who wish to improve their vocabulary