These projects provide volunteers with international work experience whilst caring for those who are in need of help. As a volunteer you will assist local therapists in schools, clinics and day-care centres across the developing world.

Whether you are a student at university or a trained professional, you will have an important role to play. Speech Therapy volunteers work mainly with children and you adults who have physical and/or mental disabilities. By helping them to improve their communication skills you will also be helping improve their quality of life and future prospects.

We also welcome professionally qualified speech therapists for volunteering placements. These professional volunteering placements allow you to put your skills and expertise to the best use through assisting with the support of patients as well as exchanging knowledge and ideas with local staff.


How to apply?

Feel free to give us a call or email - we have a friendly team ready to answer your questions!

When you're ready to apply please complete an application form on the Projects Abroad website.

A deposit of £195 is required with your application. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit payment.