Nutrition Volunteer Projects Overseas

Company : Projects Abroad
Duration: 2 weeks to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 1500 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Volunteering on a Projects Abroad Nutrition programme will provide you with valuable work experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics as well as helping people in developing communities around the world.


Volunteers on our Nutrition projects will work alongside qualified professionals to help educate individuals and communities of the importance of their diet for health and development. Volunteers may participate in a range of activities, such as working in a nutrition centre / clinic, visiting local communities and schools and participating in workshops.

As volunteers work in developing countries, you will sometimes see the sad and shocking effects of malnutrition. What you will also experience is the dedication and drive of NGOs and other organisations who aim to improve the quality of lives of vulnerable people.

As well as gaining valuable work experience, volunteers on Nutrition projects will have a very worthwhile and rewarding experience by helping to improve the quality of life for local people and having a positive impact on local communities.

We also welcome professionally qualified dieticians for volunteering placements. These professional volunteering placements allow you to put your skills and expertise to the best use through assisting with the treatment of patients as well as exchanging knowledge and ideas with the local staff.


How to apply?

Feel free to call or email us - we have a friendly team ready to answer your questions!

When you're ready to apply please complete an application form on the Projects Abroad website.

A deposit of £195 is required with your application. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit payment.


Start Dates


Costs / Benefits

Prices start at £1,395 for two weeks. Please visit the Projects Abroad website for full details on prices.

Projects Abroad cover:
- All your food and accommodation
- Transfers to and from the airport
- Transport to and from your placement (where required)
- Travel and medical insurance
- Support and 24 hour back-up from both our local and UK staff

Booking / Enquiry

Projects Abroad Nutrition Volunteer Projects Overseas Reviews

The whole experience was amazing and I definitely recommend it!

I went to Cape town to do the nutrition project for 10 weeks. The supervisor was amazing and i learned so much about their culture and life. It’s so fare form how Denmark is. I was teaching in different topics regarding health and nutrition. We also went to a baby clinic and measured babies and had a talk with their parents. I learned so much about my self in a good way, by crossing a lot of boundaries my speaking English in front of many people (I have never been good in language) and been hiking in the mountains. There was a really good relationship between the other volunteers and we did everything together. I really had a of the best times in my life!

By: Josephine
Nationality: Danish
Age: 25

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