Care Work with Children Abroad

Company : Projects Abroad
Duration: 2 weeks to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 1000 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

All over the world there are huge numbers of children in need of care and support. By volunteering on a Care placement with Projects Abroad you can help make an invaluable difference to these people’s lives.

Care projects give volunteers of all ages and experience the chance to work with disadvantaged children and vulnerable people outside of formal education. Volunteers are able to work in care centres, orphanages and centres for people with special needs.

The role of a Care volunteer differs depending on the destination and specific placement: each community has different needs which volunteers will address. However, teaching basic English, literacy and numeracy is a vital part of all Care placements. Volunteers also track, evaluate and improve children’s motor and social skills through sports, arts and crafts, and fun games. Volunteers also act as an extra pair of hands, helping out in the day-to-day running of the centre - often care centres are understaffed or lacking in resources, so the additional help is very appreciated.

Projects Abroad have a carefully devised Care Management Plan for each destination in which we work. This allows our volunteers to work towards goals which have been developed according to the needs of the individual placement and individuals at the placement. Each placement has its own goals, which may include:

  • Promoting early childhood development
  • Improving conversational English, literacy and numeracy
  • Promoting special needs care
  • Improving hygiene practices and awareness of healthy living


How to apply?

  • Feel free to call or email us - we have a friendly team ready to answer your questions!
  • When you're ready to apply you can fill out an application form on the Projects Abroad website.
  • A deposit of £195 is required with your application. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit payment.


Start Dates


Costs / Benefits

Prices start from £995 for two weeks. Please visit the Projects Abroad website for full details on pricing.

Projects Abroad cover:
• All your food and accommodation
• Transfers to and from the airport
• Transport to and from your placement (where required)
• Travel and medical insurance
• Support and 24 hour back-up from both our local and UK staff

Booking / Enquiry

Projects Abroad Care Work with Children Abroad Reviews

Unforgettable experience!

In June I went to volunteer on a care project in Fiji with Projects Abroad. I had an amazing time and learned a lot about the country and the culture. We had a great group of volunteers and I really enjoyed my time in Fiji. To volunteer is a wonderful thing which I really recommend to everyone. It gives a different view of the own life and how beautiful it is to help! I will never forget this program!

By: Nicole Imfeld
Nationality: Switzerland
Age: 25


I had the chance to leave for Ecuador and to participate in two projects in the Galapagos Islands with Projects Abroad, I stayed in the locality for six weeks, hosted by a very kind and very welcoming family. I volunteered in a kindergarten, where I helped a teacher in child care. Fantastic experience. Projects Abroad it is a serious organization and organized, always available for volunteers present in the country .

By: Stefania
Nationality: Italian
Age: 20

Incredible Experience

I booked the childcare program in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands with Projects Abroad and had an incredible time! I stayed with a local host family for 3,5 months and had plenty of time off to explore the surrounding islands.

By: Esther Nemery
Nationality: Denmark
Age: 22

1000% recommend

I went to volunteer in Ghana and it was such an eye opening experience. Everything was very well planned and it was so incredible getting to volunteer and make some of my now closet friends. I would 1000% recommend projects abroad to anyone considering it and I can't wait until I get the next chance to volunteer with them!

By: Megan
Nationality: British
Age: 16

Amazing Volunteer Experience

I volunteered with Projects Abroad for 6 weeks during summer on a care project in beautiful Fiji. I worked at a kindergarten helping local teachers with day to day tasks and stayed with a local family. Everything was amazing from the moment I was picked up at the airport from the local staff to the placement and my host family. Weekly activities are organized for volunteers which helps you to make friends from all over the world and you also get free time on weekends to travel. The Projects Abroad staff were fantastic and always there to help with any questions. It was a really life changing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to volunteer.

By: Alexandra
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 22

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