African Bushveld Conservation in Southern Africa

Company : Projects Abroad
Countries: Botswana / South Africa
Location : Wild At Tuli Nature Reserve, Botswana
Duration: 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 1750 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Our Projects Abroad Conservation placement in South Africa / Botswana offers volunteers the chance to experience living in a wild landscape teeming with animals. This project is perfect for anyone with a passion for nature and the great outdoors. 

This project is based on the Botswana side of the Limpopo River, on a nature reserved called Wild At Tuli. The reserve covers 5,000 hectares.

The aim of this project is to create a protected conservancy, bringing together Projects Abroad Wild At Tuli and other reserves in the area to create a central Tuli block. This is an exciting new initiative, combining conservation efforts across international boundaries - including game reserves, national parks and conservation areas. It is all for the benefit of wildlife, local people and future generations.

Volunteers on this project will take part in a variety of activities, including wildlife studies, such as elephant research, mammal and bird inventories and baobab tree surveys, and hands-on manual work, such as dam building, constructing water holes for animals, and building viewing hides.


How to apply?

  • Feel free to call or email us - we have a friendly team ready to answer your questions!
  • When you are ready to apply please complete an application form on the Projects Abroad website.
  • A deposit of £195 is required with your application. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of your application and deposit payment.

Start Dates


Costs / Benefits

Project price starts from £1,620 for one week.

Projects Abroad cover:
- All your food and accommodation
- Transfers to and from the airport
- Transport to and from your placement (where required)
- Travel and medical insurance
- Support and 24 hour back-up from both our local and UK staff


No previous experience is necessary - you will be given any required training on arrival.

Booking / Enquiry

Projects Abroad African Bushveld Conservation in Southern Africa Reviews

I strongly recommend to join this trip

Volunteering in Botswana is by far the best experience of my life. I arrived at the camp when I was 18 years old, I always lived in Paris in a wealthy family and I wanted to change something in me and see different things. I came back as a new person, mature, with skills of hard labour, team-working abilities, listening and empathy to others. It was hard work under the sun but I loved it. Cheers to AB, the cook and everyone!

By: Pierre Jestin
Nationality: France
Age: 24

Great Experience in Botswana with Projects Abroad

I went to volunteer in Botswana with Projects Abroad back in 2012 / 2013 as part of a gap year after graduating from high school. The project was extremely well-organized and there was constant support prior to the projects as well as 24/7 support during the project. Everything was organized beforehand and pretty much everything had been included in the price - accommodation, food, activities. What I loved most about my stay in Botswana is the fact that you cannot get any closer to Africa's wildlife.

Volunteering in Botswana was an enriching experience for me, which I couldn't have had by simply going on a safari for one or two days. It's like I went there to live in the bush and when I left the bush lived in me. :) The main reason I chose PA for this trip is that I had had hardly any experience traveling solo back then and they offered a whole package. That's a huge advantage and saves a lot of time.

By: Lena
Nationality: German
Age: 24

My life-changing experience in Botswana as a volounteer

Three years ago, when I was 16 years old, I've experienced being in Botswana as a volounteer with Projects Abroad. I've loved living the Bush for over a month and I found very exciting the help we gave as a team to that conservation project. It is mainly based on protecting Baobas from the elephants that, during the dry season, eat the bark of that century trees that floak lots of water to survive. After that, to make sure the elephants had some way to drink water, we digged (burrowed into) the soil and then put a huge sheet to let the raining water stagnate there. I found a stimulating experience the way of life we had there, because everything we did was about helping nature to get its course without affecting it. What I've learned in this experience is that by my personal opinion the concept of development should be conceivable only in the terms of building a strenght contact with our living planet. I would recommend to any teenager, adult or whatever to try it!

By: Martina Lautizi
Nationality: Italian
Age: 20

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