How to know if this program is for me? 
You can feel motivated to join if 
- You want to make a difference in the lives of others. 
- You feel the need for a deeper purpose beyond career and responsibilities. 
- You need to boost your career. 
- You want to but are currently unable to travel.  
Is there a fee for participating? 
Yes. The program comes in two variants called Volunteering Only and Volunteer plus Culture.  The program requires a minimum of 2-week commitment. There is an extra cost for additional weeks of volunteering and related support. 
Why do I have to pay to volunteer?
We work with genuinely needy projects that do not have money to employ staff or infrastructure to offer. These are, therefore, projects with the most acute needs. 
The program creates a Win-Win situation for you and the project. On one side, the project gets resources and your help. On the other hand, you get to gain cultural and volunteering experiences. 
More specifically, the money you pay for the program is spent on the following:
Setting up infrastructure- The underprivileged community schools in developing countries do not have internet, laptops or software to make online education possible. We provide that infrastructure to the schools 
by using part of your fee.  
Day to day assistance – During the program, you will be volunteering in a foreign culture and will need support. A local assistant is employed to provide the necessary support for things such as organising your class, translating or planning lessons. 
Organising activities and program administration: From time to time, we will organise activities for you and your students can participate. A part of your fee goes towards hosting such events. 
What happens if I don’t like the program? 
We are confident that you will find our Online Volunteer Abroad program meaningful and enjoyable. If, however, you do not feel delighted with your experience within the first two weeks, we will happily refund your entire program fee.
What makes the Virtual Volunteering program different? 
Some things that make Online Volunteering Abroad feel fun, gratifying and beneficial. 
1. Completely Online - The only program to offer international volunteering online.  
2. Custom Matched - Your teaching activities are custom matched to the most suitable students. No “one size fits all” approach. 
3. Done. For. You. – The program is an entirely “Done-For-You” service with complete individual attention, planning and daily support. 
4. Highly Supported – You may feel unsure about teaching an international class, which is why the program includes daily support by an education specialist.
5. Short. Convenient. Flexible. – You can participate in the program at any time of the day without affecting regular life and routines. It requires just 30 minutes per day and available throughout the year. 
What happens in the program day-to-day? 
Before the program starts
- Step 1: Register with details such as  
  o Your starting date.
  o Chosen project.  
  o Your name and email. 
- Step 2: Attend a live, online training covering:
What volunteering activities can I do?
During your registration, you will be choosing one of the two kinds of projects:
The situation of schools in many poor societies is unimaginable for most people.  The schools lack in facilities as well as quality teachers. Children studying in these charitable schools need help with basic English and other subjects. Sometimes even the overburdened local teachers need help too. 
As a volunteer teacher, you will: 
- Observe the local curriculum for the kids.
- Adapt your teaching accordingly. 
- Teach English or Maths as required and possible for you. 
- Conduct assessment 
- Provide more attention to slower learning students.
Women empowerment and education. 
Discrimination against women is widespread in many societies around the world, irrespective of their social or economic background. Many families, expecting their daughters to play the traditional roles of mother and wife, pay very little attention to their education. Such societal norms leave them dependent and vulnerable for their entire lives. More broadly, society’s constant reinforcement of female inferiority has victimised many women into feeling submissive and unequal, causing low levels of confidence in future possibilities.
Volunteers, through adopting a holistic approach based on a combination of educational, empowerment and awareness activities teenage girls and women can build more confidence and widen their possibilities. Volunteers’ activities aim towards building literacy, functional skills, self-esteem and general awareness. 
Primary education for English literacy
Income generation skills 
Awareness towards personal health, hygiene, civil rights etc.