Program Location

Chiang Mai literally means “new city” and has retained the name despite celebrating its 700th anniversary in 1996.Chiang Mai is one of the few places in Thailand where it is possible to experience both historical and modern Thai culture coexisting side by side: the city features centuries-old pagodas and temples next to modern convenience stores and boutique hotels. 


Available Projects

  1. Teaching Proect
  2. Child Care
  3. Monk Teaching   
  4. Help and Care of Aged People


Our Promises

Our promises to all our customers participating in this program are:

a. Safety: Our travelers will have the safest possible experience through:

i. Airport to airport support.
ii. Safe and clear housing with hygienic meals.
iii. Extensive orientation and training.
iv. Emergency support.
v. Well organized activities and projects.

b. Fun: Our travellers will have loads of fun by:

i. Interacting with travellers from all over the world.
ii. Participating in local cultural workshops.
iii. Travelling to exciting destinations on weekends.
iv. Interacting with local community. 


c. Personal Growth: Our travellers will be a better version of themselves after this program through:

i. Developing confidence.
ii. Developing an appreciation for other ways of living and thinking.
iii. Learning new skills or applying their current skills.
iv. Becoming globally minded.