In the previous years we did some beneficial changes in the program which helped the customers to experience more and more lively places in Nepal according to the positive feedback which we have got from the customers and now we are continuing with this program again to fulfil the expectations of our customers to make the Nepal volunteer program more attractive and easy to available.
Program Location - Kathmandu - The city is the urban core of the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas, which contains two sister cities: Lalitpur (Patan), 5 Kilometers (3.1 mi) to its south and Bhaktapur or Bhadgaon, 12 Kilometers (7.5 mi) to its east, and a number of smaller towns. 
Stay in a typical Nepali Volunteer house replete with modern amenities and just immerse in the cultural journey in the heart of Nepal in the capital of Kathmandu. 
Work on our various projects- teach English, assist in any other teaching, implement creative teaching methods, or computers, or train local teachers in a particular school. You could also spend time with orphaned kids, and help them with their homework, or teach them English/ Maths/ and make them feel loved and cared for. Also, train the women around in some skill/ English/ Maths/ Computers, or create awareness amongst them about their rights. Better still, spend time with the elderly, work in health care, or create awareness about socially relevant causes. 
While you are doing volutneering work during week days you can also get an opporutnity to explore the country and make your trips and excursions with help of our travel task.