This is a common phenomenon in both rural and urban areas of Ghana, hence the need to recruit and place volunteers in communities where there are simply insufficient teachers (or teacher’s who have inadequate English) to cater for the number of children. The project seeks to stimulate the interest in school children to study and speak proper English whilst at the same time offering our foreign volunteers a unique opportunity to learn and experience the Ghanaian culture.

Music, math and arts are also incorporated into our program and volunteers are encouraged to bring resources that can assist with the teaching. Volunteers are effectively placed in rural and urban communities where they will teach solo and assist the few teachers available. Project is based on the syllabus of the Ghana Education Service and this will be made available to all volunteers after their orientation.

Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher.


Sample Placement

Frankadua EP Primary School Frankadua EP Primary School located in the relatively small Ghanaian town of Frankadua has over 250 children that attend. Volunteers generally teach between the hours of 7:30am and 2:30pm. Classes vary dependent on volunteer ability and experience but general classes include math, English, science, arts and physical education. In addition to school classes, volunteers can also assist children with their homework and assignment after school and in the evening.

This is only an example placement which is one of many offered in Ghana and not necessarily the one you will be working at.


Cost & How to Apply for this Program

This program is offered as part of a structured package with prices starting from US$250. Included in this price is placements, in-country 24/7 support, information pack, airport pick up, orientation, program supervision, meals and accommodation for the duration of your stay.

If you are thinking about booking this program on the application there is a section "Have you been referred by an Ambassador or Partner?". Here you can type code: ONEWORLD365 and you will be entered into a monthly draw to win a full refund of your registration fee.