IMR has visited dozens of locations during more than 13 trips over the last six years, and we continue to reach villages and people that are in great need of medical care and health education. With special invitations from our in-country hosts and partners, IMR is committed to reaching more and more patients in need as we support the Philippines.

IMR has received a special invitation from the government of the Republic of the Philippines to travel to the the island of Palompon. We are so excited to be working within these communities!  You will find many children, their parents, and elderly patients upon your arrival; pneumonia, ear infections, wounds, animal bites, and non-communicable disease all await your care. You will also have some opportunities for house calls in the remote areas as well. While these house calls will require some hiking, they are well worth it - and are an experience neither you nor your patient will ever forget.

When you arrive on Cebu, you will transfer to a commercial ferry or quick flight to travel to Palompon. If this requires an overnight, you will stay in a comfortable and modern hotel.  You will be welcomed by the Mayor and the town with open arms. Join the community in morning yoga or zumba on the square - they will happily make room for you! Get some ice cream on the dock! Look at the ocean as you breakfast or dine in the evening in your private dining area on the rooftop, with food cooked especially for you! The water is hot in the showers, the beds are comfortable, and your roommates are top notch. You and your team will be very comfortable after clinic and will love every moment of your stay here. 

Transportation will be very varied on this trip - there are planes, boats, and fun trucks in your future in the Philippines. A ferry or plane will take you from the island of Cebu to the island of Palompon.  Super fun trucks designed for transport will carry you safely to the baranggay and home again. Motorboats will take you out to see those whales!! And finally, your feet: there may be some light hiking if you like to make house calls! Each baranggay will have some homebound patients for you to see. This is one of the best parts of an IMR trip so don't miss the opportunity.

You will work in carefully chosen and remote baranggays on this trip.  People here rarely get comprehensive care although the nurses of the public health service make a heroic effort to care for the villages.  You will have the opportunity to work alongside these wonderful public health nurses and with one of the top-rated rescue squads in the Philippines.  Your ground host is one of the top physicians in the Philippines with extensive disaster experience. Working side-by-side with these remarkable healthcare providers is certainly one of the many highlights of this trip.

On this trip, you and the team will have a full day to explore Cebu island, as well as an opportunity to visit with Whale Sharks! A day boat tour will be provided to you and your team as you get up close and personal with these magnificent animals. Don't forget your camera!  

EXTEND YOUR STAY! The Philippines is an amazing place to extend your stay! While most visitors to Asia go to Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, the Philippines offers something for every traveler, from hiking to surfing, malls to handicrafts, volcanoes to blue lagoons. An added bonus is that almost everyone speaks English, and the people are known to be some of the friendliest in the world.

The Philippines has beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and some of the best surfing in the world. Allow IMR to help you plan a new adventure after your amazing adventure caring for villagers on Leyte through our partner, Worldwide Navigators!