Nepal Medical Mission + Himalayan Expedition

Company : International Medical Relief
Location : Kathmandu
Duration: 1 week to 3 weeks
Approx Costs: 3000+ to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

International Medical Relief has coordinated with local Sherpas to organize an epic medical expedition just for IMR, bringing medical assistance to isolated villages surrounding the Manaslu Circuit.

This once-in- a-lifetime opportunity was uniquely designed by Sherpa friends of IMR to offer a very exclusive opportunity to not only trek around the world’s eighth highest mountain, including crossing Larkya La pass, but also to provide medical care along the way.  You will meet first hand with Sherpa communities and friends as you participate in an exclusive medical and cultural trek in this remote Himalayan area.

The Manaslu Valley Trek is more remote and spectacular than many, with rough steep tracks and long days on the trail. It is culturally fascinating with strong continuing links to Tibet in the upper Buri Gandaki (called Nupri ‘the western mountains’) and the Tsum Valley, and even has the Larkya La (5160m) as a challenge. The views of Mt Manaslu are marvelous and close. This trek would appeal to anyone who is looking for a challenging trek in a remote region of the Nepal Himalayas. The trail has scenery similar to the classic Annapurna Circuit but is far less crowded. This trip will be physically demanding but you can trek at your own pace each day and will always be in the company of a professional guide. As you make friends along the trail, you will find yourself thinking much more about conversation and the beautiful place you are in, rather than the trekking!  

According to the United Nations, Nepal ranks 138th in the world in overall human development, behind such countries as India and Bangladesh and one of the least developed countries in Asia. About one-half of the Nepalese people live in poverty. They endure the typical problems of impoverished people around the world, such as high rates of malnourishment, childhood mortality and illiteracy. Poverty in Nepal is concentrated in rural villages and among lower castes and ethnic minorities.

These villages are often located in remote, mountain villages that are geographically isolated and far from basic services. Subsistence agriculture is the rule, leaving villagers little opportunity to improve their welfare. These rural Sherpa areas have seen little of the modest economic growth that has benefited larger cities in Nepal. Rural healthcare services are at best rudimentary, with government health posts often going unstaffed and undersupplied for years. Nutrition is inadequate; vaccination rates are poor. The only way to reach these areas is by foot.

The team will stay at in a wonderful hotel in Kathmandu at the beginning and end of the trek.  During the trek the team will stay in local guest houses with comfortable beds and great food. These local guest houses are the backbone of the trekking world - they provide comfort, warmth, and friendly service to all.  The trip will be staffed by guides and porters on a one-to-one basis with our team members so that you can trek at your own pace each day. 

This trek includes a visit to Tsum Valley, including one of Buddhism’s sacred hidden valleys  (“Beyul”) where you will see important ancient monasteries and remote villages. The Tsum valley was only opened for trekkers three years ago and therefore is a new place to explore with little impact from tourism. Beyul’s are hidden valleys which Padmasambhava blessed as refuges to be discovered when the planet is approaching destruction and the world becomes too corrupt for spiritual practice.

They are valleys reminiscent of paradise, which can only be reached with enormous hardship. Your team  and you will spend a cultural sightseeing day in Kathmandu with an English speaking city guide. On the last night of your trek you will have a celebratory farewell dinner with traditional Nepalese dancers.

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Medical mission trips with IMR provide short-term volunteer opportunities abroad for medical professionals and dental professionals, students, and non-medical volunteers with any level of experience. Our medical and dental clinics provide free healthcare and health education in more than 70 countries in areas where care is limited or difficult to obtain.

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