Dominican Republic Medical & Dental Relief Trip

Company : International Medical Relief
Location : Dominican Republic
Duration: 1 week to 2 weeks
Approx Costs: 2500 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

IMR will be traveling to villages in the central Dominican to provide patients with much-needed health care services, dental care, and education and medications. 

The Dominican Republic is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. It is also a country where water supply, deforestation, and soil erosion are posing a great threat to the country. The coral reefs surrounding the island are also in harm's way, decreasing the local fish stocks that the people of the coastal regions need to survive. 30% of the population is unemployed and more than 20% of the workforce is underemployed.

The poor water quality throughout the island is responsible for many health problems and increasing infectious disease. More than 2 million Haitian immigrants, most of them undocumented, live in the Dominican Republic working in high labor, low wage, unskilled jobs and receiving no services from the government. This is why International Medical Relief has been invited to provide care for the people of the Dominican Republic who can't access care.

IMR will be traveling to villages in the central Dominican to provide patients with much-needed health care services, dental care, and education and medications. We will care for families, the elderly, Haitian refugee workers, and more. All community members are invited to attend and even those who are there for the training and education on health topics will come with their families for guidance in how to stay healthy and care for their children. This area lacks good sanitation and we anticipate treating a lot of diseases as a result of this. Various skin infections, respiratory infections, fungal infections, and infectious diseases are all common to the area.

The team will be staying in a great hotel with a beautiful pool, jacuzzi, and 3 water slides!  There is also a snack bar where drinks, ice cream, and candy can be purchased.  The restaurant is top notch!  You will fly into Santo Domingo and meet your transportation to our base camp. If you fly on the group ticket, all transportation will be arranged; if you are taking advantage of the amazing opportunity to extend your stay for the golf, beaches, or mountains by flying independently (and we hope you do!), we'll help you arrange your transportation as required or add you to the group transportation for a small fee.

While the highlight of this trip will be with the patients that you care for, the team will also have the opportunity to participate in the local culture in town some evenings. You'll have some time to make new friends in the village where you are based, practice your Spanish, and maybe even learn some village dances or games! Don't forget your baseball glove, cleats, and favorite bat (just kidding about the bat!) - baseball is more than a national past time; it is the passion of the Dominican Republic and the heart of the community. Let's play ball!!

You're venturing around the globe, have you considered extending your stay a few additional days to visit some of the Dominican Republic's top spots? Join IMR on an exclusive three-day extension!

Spend three perfect days in the unexpected tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic: a country known for its warm people, lush mountain scenery and pristine beaches. Wander through the Dominican’s charming cobblestone streets and discover the history of its capital, Santo Domingo, the oldest city in the Americas. Explore the country’s mysterious caverns and lush subtropical rainforests; play in the sand on miles-long stretch of beach and dive into the underwater beauty of lively coral reefs.

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Medical mission trips with IMR provide short-term volunteer opportunities abroad for medical professionals and dental professionals, students, and non-medical volunteers with any level of experience. Our medical and dental clinics provide free healthcare and health education in more than 70 countries in areas where care is limited or difficult to obtain.

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