Cambodia Medical & Dental Relief Trip

Company : International Medical Relief
Location : Phnom Penh
Duration: 1 week to 2 weeks
Approx Costs: 3000+ to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

Cambodia, home to nearly 15 million people, is one of the most charming countries in all of Asia.

From an outsider’s first glance, its pristine golden beaches, tranquil rice paddies, lush jungle landscapes, and vibrant sunsets over the world’s largest religious structure are the allure of this country. Take a deeper look and learn that it is the Khmer people that ultimately comprise its unique draw. Cambodia’s tragic history defined by decades of political unrest, violence, and poverty has shaped an inspiringly optimistic and warm population. As a visitor, it is a powerful experience to feel the serenity from the magnificent Cambodian landscapes in harsh contrast to the magnitude of strife previously endured. This poignant intersection of a painful past and developing present leaves no visitor untouched.    

International Medical Relief is partnering with Cambodia on a major goal of the country: to improve access to healthcare and preventative education to health conditions. This is no easy task - during the bloody regime of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, the health care system as a whole was decimated, with virtually no doctors left in the country at the end of the regime.

Even today, more than 40 years after the end of the Khmer Rouge, the United Nations Millennium Project proclaimed that only 13 percent of the population visited health facilities last year, and 22.9 percent of children die before the age of 5. Treatable diseases like malaria, intestinal parasites, cholera, diarrhea, tuberculosis, and yaws, as well as vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles are endemic and claim lives everyday. The situation is improving as a whole but among the populations that IMR serves, the poor, migrant workers, unregistered population, and ethnic minorities, healthcare is almost nonexistent.  

Your hotel on this trip is a comfortable and modern with excellent restaurants and a breakfast buffet that can only be described as "WOW!". You will love the bustle of the city and the wide variety of cuisine all around you in this fabulous location. You are walking distance to the Russian Market, the Royal Palace, and more!!  All clinic and sightseeing transportation will be included in your trip, and provided by safe and trustworthy drivers.

You will love the variety of clinic locations and the wonderful patients you will meet on this trip.  Listening to their stories and seeing their resiliency is the highlight of this trip but seeing the smiles on their faces as you care for them through the medical and dental care, health education, and reading glasses will make your heart full.

The highlight of this trip is your ability to immerse yourself in the culture of Phnom Penh.  You will learn so much through your patients about what they lived through during the years of the Khmer Rouge, including the loss of their families and traditions.  Your ability to care for these patients will be deeply meaningful.  You will also visit the most historical sites in the city, learning much about the past, the Royal Family (maybe you will even see the new King!), and life in the city.  Finally, you'll celebrate with the city during Chinese New Year - wear red to ward off evil and celebrate like a local!!  

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Medical mission trips with IMR provide short-term volunteer opportunities abroad for medical professionals and dental professionals, students, and non-medical volunteers with any level of experience. Our medical and dental clinics provide free healthcare and health education in more than 70 countries in areas where care is limited or difficult to obtain.

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