Brazil is a country of great natural beauty that includes mountains, wetlands, island archipelagos, waterfalls, colonial ports, and some of the world’s most populated cities. Your team will live and work on the Amazon River in the heart of the rainforest and every moment on the river is truly a feast for the eyes, from the magnificent sunrises to the striking sunsets. You may even see an elusive jaguar or impossibly large anaconda as you survey your surroundings from the bow of the riverboat you will call home. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

The Amazon Region of Brazil has about 23 million people with extremely low density-- but don't be fooled by this! The river communities already know the dates of the IMR trip and are eagerly waiting for you to arrive. The team will see patients with malaria and dengue fever, tinea and scabies, chagas disease, and many different wounds. Malaria, dengue fever, leishmaniasis, tuberculosis, and leprosy are major public health concerns in the region but there is also an epidemiological shift occurring with the rise of chronic, non-communicable diseases, personal violence, and alcoholism.

IMR brings significant value to these patients by providing education on hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases in addition to basic hygiene, water storage, sanitation, and mosquito/insect control. On past trips, IMR has seen a wide variety of skin conditions and wounds, including snake and piranha bites, cutaneous leishmaniasis, and many types of fungal infections. Ear infections are common in all ages. Dental care is of primary importance along the river and your team will provide oral health education, fluoride, and acute dental care to every patient in your care. You will be provided with extensive public health information to help you provide the best care possible for your patients, including statistics from past IMR teams. The remote river communities will welcome your team with open arms, a plea for care, and a friendly “obrigado” (Portuguese for “thank you”) upon your departure.

You and your team will live on a five star, world-class boat and set up a full medical and dental clinic in remote villages along the water’s edge. Without IMR, these villages have no other means of healthcare. Upon returning to your private riverboat each night, you will be welcomed with a feast of local cuisine and opportunities for stargazing, crocodile hunting, hammock swinging, and much, much more. After a dinner of local delicacies and remarkable desserts, the boat will make ready for your departure to the next clinic site while you take a hot shower under the stars and prepare for a wonderful night’s sleep without bugs or cares. Enthusiastic crowds will gather at every stop, and children will peer through every crack as they anxiously wait their turn for care and hugs from the IMR team. Enthusiastic crowds will gather at every stop, and children will peer through every crack as they anxiously wait their turn for care and hugs from the IMR team.  

Simply being in the Amazon, living on a riverboat, and caring for people with very limited access to care may be enough, but there is still more to see! Your team will have some time to discover Manaus, including the renowned opera house, Teatro Amazonas (the #1 rated place to visit in Manaus according to TripAdvisor!), the handicrafts market, and the Rio Negro Palace. You may also have the opportunity to explore the rainforest and "hunt" for caimans, explore the villages where you will work, and experience life aboard, steaming up and down the Amazon. Every IMR team member who has "taken the boat" will tell you - this trip is best!!

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  • Journey inland, the neighborhood’s fauna-covered streets offer luxury fashion boutiques, fine dining restaurants and bars playing bossa nova
  • Summit Sugarloaf Mountain which boasts wildly spectacular views of Guanabara Bay and the city of Rio
  • Experience a sunset cruise along Rio de Janeiro’s coastline