Join International Medical Relief on a relief trip to Grand Bahamas! Since Hurricane Dorian's tragic landfall on Grand Bahamas and Abaco Island, survivors continue to seek refuge.

International Medical Relief responded to this disaster days after Hurricane Dorian to help survivors as medical demands continue to increase in an already-strained system.  Join International Medical Relief's mission to the Bahamas to provide much-needed medical and dental care to patients from Abaco. Our organization and your team will join efforts being led by the Bahamas Dental Association.

IMR will be aiding the local healthcare system on Grand Bahamas to serve patients in an already stressed medical system. International Medical Relief will join efforts being led by the Bahamas Dental Society.

Flexibility is a key component of success for this mission!  Be prepared for a fluid situation that may require significant changes to the planned itinerary.  It is our goal to provide aid in whatever manner is necessary to help the people and the medical community of the Bahamas.

You and your fellow team members will be accommodated in modest but safe accommodations during your IMR clinical trip.

Helping the people of the Bahamas to recover from this devastating tragedy is the highlight of this relief effort.  You will provide necessary services during this trip, which may include providing needed help that is not medical. Thank you for your desire to serve the people of the Bahamas - without people like you, they really will have lost everything.  We are honored to have you on the IMR team.