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Get TEFL qualified and find your new path teaching English abroad with the world’s leading TEFL course provider. We're here for you each step of the way.

We are world’s leading TEFL course provider and have trained more than 155,000 people in the last 18 years. With more than 250 years of combined TEFL experience across our staff, tutors and TEFL academics.

We offer you world renowned training that you can take in a style that suits you – either face-to-face training in the classroom, distance learning online or a combination of the two! Established in 1994, we pioneered the 20hr weekend classroom TEFL course and launched the first ever online TEFL course in 2001; therefore our TEFL qualifications are internationally recognized and respected and if needed shall be around to re-issue your certificate if you lose it or require additional copies.

We have trained more than 155,000 TEFL teachers since 1994. We have 65 tutors, each with over 5 years’ experience and provide 20hr weekend classroom courses in 65x cities across 13x countries, including 39x towns and cities across the world. We currently have students from over 100 countries currently taking their online TEFL course with us.


Where You Can Take Our Courses

Choose from online courses which you can take anywhere in the world or book a classroom course in:

  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney
  • China: Hong Kong
  • Ireland: Dublin
  • Netherlands: Utrecht, Amsterdam
  • New Zealand: Auckland
  • South Africa: Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria
  • UK: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Notthingham, Plymouth, Swansea
  • USA: Atlanta, Chicago, LA, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Washington DC


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i-to-i TEFL Reviews

Changed My Life

I took the 120 online TEFL course with i-to-i 3 years ago. Since completing it, I haven't been home. I work on the road, save money between trips and I have met so many incredible people and have worked with great teams all over Asia. There is no better way to discover a country than to live there!

By: Ophy Mio
Nationality: French
Age: 27

Changed my life

I studie for an online 120 Tefl course with i-to-i 3 years ago, and now I do not need to go back home to work and save money between trips! I just work on the road and I met so many incredible people and work with great teams all over Asia. There is no better way for discovering a country than leave there.

By: Ophy Mio
Nationality: French
Age: 27

I would recommend i-to-i if you want to get TEFL certified

I did the 120 hour course which was well structured and easy to pick up on every night. It was jam packed with ideas and activities to use in the classroom which was a huge confidence booster when teaching for the first time in Thailand. The sample videos for adult teaching I found a little mundane and lengthy but maybe that was just because I knew I'd only be focusing on children in my placement. I enjoyed putting the assessment lesson plan together and received my result the next day.

By: Sam
Nationality: Welsh
Age: 23


I took a TEFL course in April and would recommend it for anyone who is thinking about teaching English as a foreign language.

By: Sana Matraji
Nationality: Lebanese
Age: 59


I took a TEFL course to prepare for a teaching placement in Africa and I really enjoyed the experience. The course was well structured and it turned out to be very helpful when I went to teach.

By: Penny
Nationality: British
Age: 56

I Loved This

Travelling to a new country can be scary, and being responsible for children too. But this was simply the greatest experience of my life.
Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic. The in-country support team were incredible too.

I have no regrets participating in this program. It was an amazing experience :-)

By: Tyrone Lock
Nationality: Australian
Age: 29

Tefl course

I enjoyed completing the course. Only thing i felt that some of the modules were a bit long winded. Over all im glad i completed the tefl course.

By: Ruksana Siddiquee
Nationality: British
Age: 29

Helped me become a teacher

I enjoyed the course and it helped me to get a teaching job :)

By: Nadia
Nationality: United Kingdom
Age: 26

My experience with i to i TEFL- Excellent- Most enjoyable

From the minute I singed up of for the course I knew I was in safe hands. The start up process right down to the finishing line was a smooth experience and helpful support was at hand, be it via email, telephone or live online chat. The course content is detailed yet comprehensive . The visual design of the course keeps you engaged to keep going. Marking turnaround is excellent. In addition the course site is packed with useful resources. The journey doesn't end once the course is completed. There is an excellent amount of information and support on what and where the opportunities are worldwide on the course site and an platform to promote your CV. Having completed my TEFL I was hungry for more so I took the opportunity to study for the specialist courses, in my case Business for English. When the TEFL certificate arrives and you hold it, you realise you are holding the way to a world full of new opportunities right in the palm of your hands.

By: Sara
Nationality: British
Age: 30

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