Hugh Lowe Farms

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries flourish on our farms and glasshouses in Kent, the Garden of England.

We are using 125 years of experience wedded to the latest sustainable technologies to grow fantastic fruits in an often surprising way.


Full Time Work

We are a team of berry enthusiasts but we also look after each other and the wider landholding. It’s a young team of committed food and farming professionals, learning about fruit production, land stewardship and meeting sustainable targets

Encouraging new people into the business is very rewarding. We have a lot of experience in farming and fruit growing and have a goal to develop the skills and understanding of the next generation.


We constantly update our machinery and vehicles to make sure we have the best tools for the job, so that people can be productive and fulfilled in their work.

We have worked hard to make Hugh Lowe Farms a fun, safe and desirable place to work.


Seasonal Work

Strawberries and raspberries are normally picked from April until November. The rest of the year we are busy planting and looking after the plants. Some of the work available is in our Packhouse, weighing and checking the fruit before sale. Working mostly in a team with other people, everyone receives training and team leaders are always around to help. As fruit needs to be harvested when it is cool, work will often start at 5am. We usually harvest fruit 6 days/ week but due to the variability of weather, crop timing and customer demand, working hours vary.

We want all our temporary seasonal workers to have a productive and enjoyable time on the farm


Competitive Rates & Plenty of Work

We pay very competitive rates of pay and offer plenty of work. Many jobs, such as picking, are paid ‘piece rate’. So the more you do, the more you earn. Good harvest workers can earn £400/week, often more, and most people earn much more than the living wage. Everyone is expected to pick a target number of kilos each hour. This changes depending on the density of the crop, the weather, and the time of year.

Manual work involves lifting, bending and twisting as you forage for the fruit or help grow the plants. So being fit and healthy – or willing to improve your fitness – is essential!


Comfortable, Convenient Living

We have six accommodation sites located conveniently close to the working areas around the farm. Each site is safe, comfortable and secure and is looked after by a warden. Accommodation is in a mix of mobile homes, portakabins and accommodation units. Generally you will be sharing with 1 – 3 people depending on the unit. All sites have cooking facilities, showers and toilets, social areas and washing facilities including tumble dryers. We ask that you bring your own sheets and pillows, eating utensils and pots and pans. An accommodation charge will be deducted from your wages and is set by the UK government every April.

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